Happy Valentine’s Day!
by David Soong
Feb 2013

We were all born with the need to be loved and it s a need we never outgrow. No matter what circumstances we are in, all throughout our lives, we all seek for that love experience. That s the funny thing about love, you never know what it is until it hits you. Love is weird, it s unpredictable, it s happy and confusing and impossible, but we all still look forward to experience it.

Love is in more than the beautiful flowers or the expensive dinner or the lavish presents given on a grand occasion to celebrate a day. It is in the simplicity of everyday. It is in the frivolous chats over coffee at the corner coffee shop, or in the comfortable silence while reading the morning papers. It s in the celebration of tiny victories and in the knowing that no burdens shall ever be shouldered alone. And it is also in the three little words spoken softly at bedtime in a tiny little toddler voice or in a hug of a dear friend. Love comes in so many forms. And whatever you are or wherever you are today, you are loved. Don t be so hung up on a single definition that you miss the love that is around you. Be ready for love. Let love find you. Open your heart and let love in, because love is in there, in the air and in the people around you.

At this very minute, great dishes are being prepared, bouquets of flowers are being delivered, surprise presents are being hidden, cards are being written, heart-shaped cookies are being baked and Instagram feeds are flooding with #throwbackthursday posts about how much love there has been until today. At this very minute, the whole world is celebrating love. Wherever you are right now, revel in the joy of love that is washing over you. Whether you are with a lover or a friend, or even in your solitude, know that you are loved. And when you ve realised that, you may just live through the grand experience that dreams are made of!

Happy Valentine s Day, everyone!



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