Photography : Tying The Knot
Charles & Jane
The Wedding by Adi by Adi
Feb 2013

Imagine having beautiful flowers, warm sunshine, soothing sea breeze and the blue ocean as the backdrop of the moment you speak your life long vows. Nothing can be more romantic than that. For those who want to go for a more relaxed atmosphere and an intimate ambiance, Bali is perfect place.

Wedding day is one of the most memorable and precious days of your life and sharing the moment with the loved ones in a special place will be a beautiful memory to last .There is no place more romantic than the tropical island of Bali for an unforgettable exchange of wedding vows… Bali is a magical location for a wedding, where sacredness plays a very large part. There are loads of wedding locations throughout the island and each one offers incredibly unique sceneries. However incredible is not even close to illustrate the scenic scenes of the cliffside venue, which made the Bali wedding away from usual.   

Forget ordinary weddings – if you’re all for warmth and cozy, intimate and serene, and if you’re looking for a destination wedding where the sun, sand and sea can bare witness to your union, Bali offers a memorable and cherished experience, and a beautiful memory to last a lifetime.

To Charles and Jane, thanks for having me to shoot your beautiful day. You both make this island look even more gorgeous. Congratulations again!


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