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Ready for love
Andy & Yenny by Paulus by Paulus
Feb 2013

I remember the days when we were single. Single and available. That s what we say. We fill our days with work and the more important priorities in life, by standards of which we are trained to set for ourselves since our youth. And when we weren t doing that we d go and have a good time with our buddies or have friendly games of sports, and not-so-friendly matches on our Playstations and basically focus on our hobbies. Life was good! Then came the moment we ve all been waiting for the lucky girl came and caught our eyes. All priorities shifted and we d spend a good portion of our time going after her, making sure that she knows that she is our whole world. Until she was certain. And then we d get off our hunting mode and went back to our usual activities. Back to work and sports and gaming. And then we wonder why our ladies aren t so tolerable.

I guess we didn t know what we were really talking about when we said that we were single and available. Available means not occupied and free to do something .  I think that when our minds are still set on doing our usual single activities even when we were already in a relationship, it may mean that we weren t available to begin with. I think that when we say we re available, we d be wise to get our lives ready to welcome that girl who will walk into our lives. Love comes in the unlikeliest of places and at the unlikeliest of time. The best we can do is be ready for love and ready to welcome that girl with open arms.

If you re still single today, that girl (or guy) may just be around the corner. Get ready, because love can find you any day now.

Good luck,



To Andy & Shuang, I had a great day shooting your pre-wedding photos. Stay sweet and forever in love! 

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