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Wijaya & Michelle by Ivan by Ivan
Feb 2013

I believe in miracles. That s why in every preparation of every trip, I leave a little room for the surprises that the universe will throw my way. No wait, I actually leave a lot of room for impulses and to do the things I ve never done before. Because it s in these rooms that makes an adventure. And each adventure will never be the same. So even when I m shooting in a place I ve been to before, it still will be different each time. Adventure is how we make it.

My trip to Vegas and San Francisco with Wijaya and Michelle is the perfect example of an adventure. This trip was filled with a lot of spark time! We had lots of unplanned things going on and I loved it. Like when we followed our guts to choose not to obey the signs on the rocks in Vegas. We shot a few scenes there despite the Do Not Enter signage and put Yuri, the make-up artist, in charge of Ranger Duty ie. She had to holler when a ranger car came by. But because we ve never done this before, we spent a good time ducking behind rocks whenever we heard cars coming by. That was an exhilarating experience. In San Francisco, our make-up artist asked this guy on a whim if we could come and shoot at the decks where the private jets were docking on the wharf. And we got those beautiful shots. Also the dogs who just happened to be running, and we ran along with them. So much surprises. So much fun. So many miracles. And to me, this is what makes an adventure!

Congratulations Wijaya and Michelle (or as more affectionately known as Wiwi and Mimi), who has tied the knot some time ago. You know I love you both! And a huge thanks to Dede and Yuri, the best make-up team in California you re where the fun is!



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