Photography : She Said Yes
Glenn & Merry by David by David Soong
Feb 2013

Good morning from Bali!

Fen and I came here two days ago. She s here to renovate the new AXIOO Bali office and I m here for a pre-wedding shot. But we took the time this Saturday morning to enjoy a quiet breakfast together with the cool ocean breeze on our faces. It makes us happy. I realize that it doesn t take much to make us smile and laugh. It s mostly in the simple things, in our everyday, in our togetherness. As I stood in our AXIOO Bali office two days ago, I couldn t fathom just how we got so lucky to be where we are today. When we first began our journey, after saying I do , just like every other couple, we didn t know what lied ahead of us. But we looked forward to embracing new seasons and going to new places together.  As long as we were together, strong in commitment, that would be all that matter. And the blessings we get to wake up to every morning and enjoy every day, well that s just by God s grace.

I thought I d share some pictures of what we did for Glenn and Merry today. This totally trusting couple wanted something new, not the typical picturesque setting. We captured their romance and elegance in the midst of old bus remains found in the bus pool. I liked how these shots turned out. But more than that, I like that it made me think of a deeper meaning to relationships. Old buses, just like relationships stretched through time, can still have its beauty, if you make the effort to look for it. And a relationship is like going places together, so set your destination and choose your ride wisely, because comfort and happiness is how you make it.

I hope that s not too corny for your Saturday! Have a great one, friends!



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