Photography : Tying The Knot
Revano & Stephanie
The Wedding by David by David Soong
Jan 2013

What I see in Revano and Stephanie is what I wish to see in every couple. They are the epitome of the real deal, ultra sweet and loving couple. I m not exaggerating because it s true. Take a look at these photos. Do you see how she looks at him? It s how she looks at him every day, with that I love you and I respect you look in her eyes. And as for Revano, this guy is fully aware of how lucky he is to be with her. So, he doesn t hesitate to jump at every chance he has to tell her how much he adores her, by bringing her little surprises to brighten her day. They are each other s Hunny. For a moment you d forget their real names and call them H1 and H2. But the best part is that they do these things without even trying, as if it s all automatic for them. Loving each other is a part of their lifestyle, and what a great way of life that is! It doesn t take a big or momentous occasion to shower your spouse with love; love is actually in the little of every day.

My wife and I have come to know this wonderful couple as friends many months before their wedding. We ve had the late night suppers, the casual chats over coffee and the countless visits to AXIOO as they did their pre-wedding shoot with Paulus and also during Stephanie s beauty portrait with Fen. I m not going to lie to you, their wedding was one I was very much eager to shoot. I knew it wouldn t feel much like a job as I flew in to Bali with a bunch of friends and spared more time for fun in the sun.

If there s anything I love more than shooting for a fun loving couple, it s a well thought-out wedding. Revano and Stephanie really took the time to instill their personalities into every detail of the wedding. From the penguins of Madagascar corsages to the Red Munny guest book. And they seem to have an obsession with Le Moustache, and so we made a good use of it! But what I especially loved was the consistent Carnival theme that was everywhere on the d cor, the props, their invitation. It was very well thought out indeed. And the icing on the cake of the whole day were the close friends that decorated the intimate event. Revano s best friends and partners of his architectural firm flew in to Bali from Cyprus, Lebanon and Kuwait to be his groomsmen, and the bridesmaids Stephanie chose to be with her on her most important day were her lifelong closest girls. I know you ll agree with me that there is nothing better than to spend a wonderful day in the company of your friends. And I’m just glad that I got to share it with them. 


Congratulations again H1 and H2! May your days be ever so sweet!





Venue: The Edge, Bali

Flowers & Decorations: Lotus 

Bride’s Dress: Elly Be Gorgeous

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