Photography : She Said Yes
Sunarto & Fanny by Dre by Dre
Jan 2013

Shooting this prewed session in Melbourne filled up not only my creative hunger but more so my happy tummy, We had four to five meals a day plus more snacking in between shoots. Even though we did a lot of walking around, i think i still gained a few pounds after this trip. Fanny + Sunarto is one of the most sincere and generous couple i have ever met! After spending a few hours with them, it was quite apparent to me that these two kindred souls are definitely made for each other.

Both of them are from a small town called Samarinda where everybody knows everybody. They used to date, then broke up and then back together again now. This time for good! You can say they are inseparable. I had a great time shooting their prewed! Both of them initially expressed that they are not that great in front of the camera. After warming up to my camera, you can tell that they are a natural. They were very comfortable in their own skin. I always believe that open hearts are the most photogenic, and Fanny + Sunarto certainly possess that!

Thank you guys for taking me to explore the foodlands of Melbourne and for being such gracious hosts and friends! Will try to visit you both in Samarinda hopefully soon!



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