Photography : Tying The Knot
The wedding of Wijaya + Michelle
Same Day Edit by Jimmy Indra by Donny Wu
Jan 2013


People always say the most beautiful things during a wedding vow. They speak of things that they don’t normally say to each other and talk about stuff that they don’t usually think of on an ordinary day. But the things that are said there are usually the essence of a marriage, and we can only hope that those words spoken in the beauty of the moment would be honored till death do they part. 
I am a sucker for beautiful wedding vows, and that’s why touching ones would be the highlight of the videos I direct. I particularly love these words from Wijaya: “I guess we are not perfect individually. But then again, these imperfections are me and you. I love that. And I love you.” There is honesty and sincerity in that. There stood a man who humbly asked the love of his life to share his eternal with him, and from behind my lens, that was the most beautiful moment.
Jimmy Indra

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