Photography : Tying The Knot
Adrian & Wan Sin
The Wedding by Adi by dhany
Jan 2013

Every night I went home from a wedding coverage, my wife would ask me, “Tell me about today’s wedding!” As for Adrian and Wan Sin’s wedding, the first line that came out was, “There were only 8 chairs on the Holy Ceremony. Literally! 8 chairs lining up facing the ocean. That’s all!” And my wife didn’t believe me until I showed her the picture.

Adrian and Wan Sin’s wedding was probably one of the most memorable wedding I ever shot. Apart from the cute way of presenting the chairs during the Holy Ceremony, Wan Sin’s story about her buying the Vera Wang dress in New York and hand carried it all the way to Bali also stick in memory well. Furthermore, their friendliness and surprising cooperativeness were all telling me how they’ve put their hearts in this wedding.

The wedding day was full of bright smiles, highlighted by Adrian and Wan Sin’s cheerful expression. And what made me feel so content, that they were both so happy when I showed them the shots from my camera, and rounded up the day with one of the warmest smile I’ve ever seen in my life, “Amazing, I love it. Thank you, thank you, you guys.” I can still feel that proudness until today.

Let me share you several shots from the wedding.


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