Willy & Tania
The Wedding by Dre by Dre
Jan 2013

My heart skipped a beat. Maybe even two. I had found out that the travel agent we used for handling our visa applications was irresponsible and dishonest. A complete jackass. He put in my application for Schengen visa at the very last minute, thus i was not able to fly out to Germany as planned. Tania and Willy were already in Germany then. Three short days before their wedding, I had to make the difficult phone call to inform them that there is a slight chance i might not be able to come on time.

Try putting yourself in their shoes. I tried, and i had shivers. But amazingly, Tania and Willy were gracious and understanding. I was surprised by their poise in the midst of such unfortunate unravelling. I am glad all of us stayed positive and hopeful while we lived on the edge for the next 24 hours, patiently waiting for updates on my visa application.

Long story short, i managed to fly out and arrive in the city of Koln on the morning of their wedding day! What a close shave! I thank God that i was able to be a part of their special day. Their wedding was extremely intimate with only about 30 guests consisting of family and close friends. They held their holy matrimony inside the Koln Dom, one of the oldest Cathedral in Europe and certainly the most beautiful one i have ever seen. I had the opportunity to get to know their family and friends, even having breakfast together the day after. Their wedding was simply beautiful.

What a turnaround of event it had been! Grace certainly has a way to make beauty out of ugly things. Thank you Tania and Willy for your grace, for being such a great host and for giving me the privilege to document your wedding day! Congrats once again!

And in case you need to know, we have since been using a different travel agent. 🙂


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