The wedding of Michael & Angela
Wedding Trailer Directed by Yosep S. by Donny Wu
Jan 2013

At the very end of 2012, we shot a wedding which we’ve been anticipating with great excitement. Simply because we’ve known the couple for a while and we got the opportunity to shoot his extravagant, yet sweet and romantic proposal to her. So as we got ready to turn our 2012 page to a new blank (incredibly exciting) 2013 page, Michael and Angela were also closing one chapter of their lives, and embark onto a new chapter of their lives which they will do, this time not as just indivduals, but together.

‘Turning Pages’ to most, is an exciting experience, and yet to some can be quite a scary one, or even both exciting and scary at the same time. If we’re reading a book, every time we turn a page means we’re leaving behind all the things that we’ve read in the previous page and getting new adventures and excitements. To newly weds like Michael and Angela, this means that they would have to leave behind their past victories and failures as individuals, and share a new adventure together as a couple.

If we’re writing a book, turning pages means that we’ll a blank sheet of paper ready to be filled with our new experiences, stories and adventures. For Michael and Angela, the difference is this time, they will not be writing and filling this blank piece of paper individually but as a family. So from all of us, we wish Michael and Angela that your pages would be filled with many exciting adventures and many more sweet and romantic chapters of love!


Yosep S.

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