Friends for a lifetime
Christina's Beauty Portraits by Ivan by Ivan
Jan 2013

Show me your friends and I’ll show you, your future. Show me your dog and I’ll show you, who you are. Of course it’s my own quote haha but I truly believe the dogs we choose often surprisingly reflect our personality. Their health and appearance, show others your love. A good healthy well maintain dogs show that you take good responsibility of the life you decided to bring into your home.

The day these pictures were taken was their 9th birthday, time flies yet I can still clearly remember the day I visited the breeder back in December 2003 when I saw 5 mud-covered-fur-balls running towards me after a morning jump to the mud pool. The caretaker had to spray them with water hose before we all could see their fur colors and then I fall in love with their blue eyes. Two of them went home with me and it was one of the greatest decisions I made in life!

Having dogs or any other pet, meaning  you sort of can predict their life span, which is sad in a way but also a reminder for you to always treasure and love them throughout their ‘short’ years. 
Choosing to have a dog is not just about cuddling their warm fur but also loving them through all the seasons of their lives. When they were puppies, cute and could still fit in water bucket filled with ice. When they were not so small and wreaked havoc in your garden like pulling out all your mom’s lotus or digging under your dad’s bonsai and you had to pay for those. When they howled day and night just because they could. When they played it rough and tackled you to the ground. When they were sick and you have to check their condition constantly. 
Kiba the elder of the brothers is the one with blue brown eyes, he’s the one who would dig my garden, howl the day away while Keigo the chubby one is the one who would follow whatever Kiba does and sometimes prefer to just sleep the day away. Together they reign the house and my life 😀
My best friend, Ivan kindly took pictures of my dogs every 3 years so I can have all the greatest memories captured in thousands of photos I’ve collected until today. When their time arrived, I’d cry my eyes out like crazy but their love will remain forever not only in my memory but also in countless photos perfectly captured.
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