Marry Me
Randy & Margaretha by Ivan by Ivan
Dec 2012

Marriage proposal is the event for which girls anticipate with really big expectations, especially after serious dating for quite some time. Guys get up the courage to propose to the love of his life, in a creatively romantic setting that would sweep her right off her feet. His girl would say Yes! and they d embark on a journey of tight wedding planning for the next few months. Getting married is a decision between two people. Or at least that s what we know about marriage proposals. But some of us who grew up in Asian cultures know of another important factor: the strong involvement of parents. It is usually uncustomary for men to propose to a woman without the consent of her parents. It is not customary for a couple to start planning a wedding without making it a family affair. Marriage is viewed more as a union between two families rather than a union of two souls. And while it may bring in some rather baffling complications at times, with the right attitude, patience, and a lot of communication, everything will run smoothly. Marriage proposal is a very memorable event in the journey of getting married. While there is no right or wrong way of doing it, culture or customs need to be considered to make it pleasantly memorable for both parties.

Randy proposed to Margaretha while she was still studying in Korea. Lucky for him, his parents and her parents are good friends from the start. So when he implied his intentions to marry their daughter, Margaretha s parents were thrilled. What is better than a union of families of friends?

Congratulations Randy and Margaretha. May your journey be everlasting!



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