Finding Love
Timothy & Eveline by Ivan by Ivan
Dec 2012

Love stories can begin against all odds and in the unlikeliest of places. But in the vast world of the internet of today, meeting someone in one of the social media scenes can be as common as bumping into each other on the corner of a favorite coffee shop. Things have move forward since ten or fifteen years ago, and now it is more socially acceptable to slip onto a website and meet other like-minded singletons, who are probably too busy to scour the public scenes just as they are. Online conversations via chatrooms grow into enjoyable phone conversations that last into the wee hours of the morning, in thrilling discussions about hopes and dreams, hobbies, future goals and the details of real life off the Internet. And that probably provides a space for what the real life daters often neglect getting to know a person despite their physical appearances, social standing or other elements that spark up romance and focus on finding a common ground between two people, who might even be separated by the mass of land of water, and yet they can managed to bring distance closer and find themselves in a sense of prominent familiarity. Some of them maybe lucky enough to take this romantic connection offline and into real life , go through the hard work and messiness of a relationship, defy distance, make it to the altar and find themselves a home forever next to each other. And that would be a beautiful love story of finding love.

Timothy and Eveline are one of those lucky couples. After meeting through a common chatroom and after three years of long-distance relationship, they finally made it to the altar and said I Do to a life together. Tim and Eve, your beautiful story continues. I hope you enjoy these pictures we took of you.

Stay in love,


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