Season for Love
Andy & Fenny by Ivan by Ivan
Dec 2012

Once in a blue moon, we are lucky enough to meet clients who give us a 100% of their trust for their pre-wedding portraits. The stylists and I were thrilled at the chance to concept Andy and Fenny s. Since they spent a huge portion of their time working, the AXIOO team went out and pitched a concept, shopped for their wardrobe, and basically gave them a makeover. It was like our own creative playground and we really valued the opportunity. They went with the flow and believed in us to deliver good work (as long as we kept Fenny s tummy happy too!) These two were like angels. And it s these kinds of people who give us their trust to deliver the best for them, that makes us strive to become better and better. They inspire us to improve constantly. So, thank you, Andy and Fenny, for the opportunity. We hope you like what we ve made uniquely for you.

Today, Andy and Fenny will enter a new season of their lives, as they are joined as one as husband and wife. We wish you all the happiness the season will bring and all the success for your BIG day! Congratulations Andy and Fenny!



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