Warmly in Love
Samuel & Celestine by Dre by Dre
Nov 2012

When people ask me about where they should have their pre-wedding portraits taken, I would suggest them to go back to the place that holds most of their memory together. But when we re talking concepts, well that can be anything. My absolute favorite would be to do shots around something that reflects the couples personalities.

Sam and Celeste are two gorgeous doctors. They met during med school in Melbourne, where they also serve in the same church, and their love story began sometime five years ago. Sam left Malaysia to study and Celeste left Singapore for the same reason, and Melbourne became the place that will hold a lot of their memories of their journey together, as they just tied the knot there earlier this month.

We had their pre-wedding session in Jakarta, and it was their first time ever to my homeland. We shot most of the scenes in our very own AXIOO House and had such a great time doing it all. Sam is very romantic and charming, while Celeste is warm and elegant. Together they are one of the most loving couple I have ever laid my eyes on. And these are a few of my favorite shots of them.



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