Sweethearts in Seattle
William & Angelia by Dre by Dre
Nov 2012

When people ask me where they should be shooting their prewedding session, I would most likely recommend them to go back to the place that holds most of their story together. There is a familiar and sentimental feeling that will pop up every time they gaze their eyes on a landmark of a place that witnessed the beginning of their journey together, and because that s what pre-weddings are partly about, going back to that memorable place will always be a good idea.

I know William and Angelia from my time in Seattle. They went to the same college and church together, and that s probably where they fell in love too. So, we went back to Seattle to shoot for their pre-wedding portraits. We chose some offbeat locations for them, something that was unique to Seattle but not too touristy, some places that reminded them of their dating years there.

Although I ve known them for a while now, it wasn t until this trip that I really got to know this very loving couple. It took a while for William to warm up to my camera, but after a few clicks he was a complete natural. Shooting for friends have always offered the best experience to me.

Congratulations William and Angelia, who just got hitched earlier this month in Bali! I wish you all the best in every season marriage life has to offer.

Here are some of my favorite pre-wedding portraits of them.  



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