An Unforgettable Adventure
Andhika & Vivia by Dre by Dre
Nov 2012

Truth be told, this was more than just a pre-wedding session for me. It was an ambitious adventure. Andika and Vivia both work and live in Texas and at the time they booked their session, they asked me to pick out any location in the US to do it in.

A part of my heart as always stayed there in the land of the free, and so while the choice was mine, I didn t want to pick just any location, I wanted to choose places that had once captured my heart. Sedona has always lingered in my mind ever since that trip I took with my wife a while back for our second honeymoon. It is heaven for both the outdoor lover and photographers alike, filled with exotic landscapes and beautiful lights. I ve always dreamt on shooting there, and so this session was more like a dream come true for me.

Now while the beauty of Sedona is captivating, shooting there is not for everyone. But then again, Andika and Vivia is no ordinary couple. They love hiking and the outdoors and they don t mind breaking a sweat. Most of the places that we visited included some sort of adventure (or misadventures) and a memorable story to tell.

We had to drive for about 5km on a rocky road with no road signs, people or cell phone reception to get to our first location. And then we had to hike up for a good half hour. But all that hard work finally paid off when we stood on The Devil s Bridge, because the view was spectacular! This was also the place where me and my newly bought Canon 5D Mark III took a plunge into the lake as my canoe capsized. I was okay, but unfortunately, I can t say the same for my camera that died on the spot. Lucky for us that despite being in the middle of nowhere, there was still a Walmart. So we stepped inside, got me a Canon Rebel, and started taking shots again behind the Walmart store as the sun was setting fast. Adventure, right?

Andika and Vivia sent me a message the next day as I boarded my plane back to Seattle, telling me that the session was more like a dream to them, one that they will remember for a long time. But the pleasure was actually all mine.

Congratulations again Andika and Vivia!

Be blessed,


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