You give me something
Kelvin & Steffi by Ivan by Ivan
Nov 2012

Here s a little truth about men. We focus. When we re at work, we re 100% there. Also when we re chasing after the girl of our dreams, we give her our all. Focus takes up a lot of our energy. That s why we usually find a resort to recharge, so that we can get up the next day feeling ready to take on the world once again. Now, this resort is different for every man. Some resort to hobbies, some to sports. Some to home entertainment such as movies and video games, and some resort to doing absolutely nothing. We all recharge in many different ways. There is no right or wrong way, the point is to recharge, and usually we d look forward to going to our resort after a day s work, and even more after feeling some pressure.

Here s the thing that I ve come to notice. After marriage, it is like a common thing for men to feel more pressure. Responsibilities got bigger and we are suddenly accountable for many people and many things. Naturally, the pressure is higher. But the time we spend to visit our resorts became too limited. Most of the time we don t seem to find the time to go, and some men may have found that while they were able to make the time, they didn t get the permission to go.

While I probably am not the greatest of all men to understand women completely, I do understand men and the benefits we get out of a few hours of just chilling with the boys. Whether it s over a friendly game of football, at the sports hall or online in front of our TVs, whether it s just putting up our grown-men toys or cataloging our collectibles, we get out of that zone feeling recharged. A recharged man is definitely nicer to have around. We become better men, better friends, better husbands. All because of a mere few hours of boys time . So ladies, if you grant us that few hours in a week for us to blow off some steam, I promise you, we ll come back to you feeling like you just gave us something huge, and we ll be ready to give it all back to you by loving you more and more.

As for newlywed Kelvin and Steffi here is my two cents for you at the start of your marriage. I hope you ll still find the time to play your football or your badminton, in the midst of showering your wife with a lot of love. Congratulations once again!