Two is better than one
David & Agnes by Ivan by Ivan
Oct 2012

Two is better than one

David and Agnes tied the knot earlier this month in Bali, and they ve entered the new season of their lives together as husbands and wife. Congratulations, you two! While their wedding pictures are being sorted and edited as we speak, I would like to share with you a thought that have not stopped playing on a loop in my head since their wedding day.

Briefly during their wedding vows, Agnes told David of how her world has changed ever since she met him. She had thought that being a single girl was better than being in a relationship no fuss, no hassle. But after 9 years of being with David, she realized that she has become a better person who does things and sees things differently. And that being with him has made her realize just how much she s missed when she was still alone.

I was touched by the sweetness of it all. But more than that, it got me thinking about my own relationship. Yes, sometimes being in a relationship is hard. You don t get to go entirely your own way anymore. There are compromises and sacrifices to be made. But on the plus side, burdens will no longer be shouldered, nor will victories ever be celebrated, alone. There will always be that someone waiting for me after a hard day s work and someone to share my laughter when times are good. For me, that person is my wife. She knows all the stories and gets all the jokes. And I know I can always count on her. Being together is truly better than being alone. When we realize that, we may have just unlocked the secret of a successful relationship.