From Paris with Love
Hendry & Cindythia by Ivan by Ivan
Oct 2012

Paris is the most beautiful city in the world to capture the romance and chemistry between two people in love. I ve said this countless times and I ll say it again. And every time I look back at these pictures of Hendry and Cindythia, I am reminded once again of the city that never fails to stir up romantic feelings. It must be something in the Paris air, or the warm and cozy coffee shops, or in the street corners that seemed to have been properly set to create amorous setting to steal kisses from the one you love, but in between the delicious croissants, warm chocolate crepes and espresso, Paris is the perfect place for romance.

I can talk about the beauty of Paris all day, but today I want to share a little bit about this wonderful couple that I ve had the privilege to shoot for. Hendry is more of the quiet man, but on one night at the Eiffel Tower, he got down and one knee and presented his bride-to-be with a ring. It was probably every girl s dream, but for one lucky girl, that dream came true. Her cheeks immediately flushed bright red, and warmth in the hearts shot through the cold Paris air. It was a sight I never get tired of witnessing. Couples, who confess and express their love so openly to each other, more than makes my job easy by capturing the beauty of it all, but warms my heart every single time.   

Here are my favorite shots of Hendry and Cindythia, taken while sprawling randomly through Paris. I really love how it all turned out and I hope you enjoy them too. For Hendry and Cindythia who just tied the knot a few weeks ago, congratulations you two! May your days be filled with love and the wonders of it all!




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