Sail away with me
Calvin & Dyanita by Ivan by Ivan
Sep 2012

Getting married is kind of like launching a new boat out to sea with two sailors who has no experience before. For these two sailors, it is with great anticipation and excitement that they set off on this brand new adventure. But these two sailors would be wise if they did not let themselves be overwhelmed by the feeling of delirious happiness that they abandoned the good preparation for smooth sailing ahead. They would be wise to prepare their gears, their oars, their sails, check that their masts are in good shape, and have their compass and telescope on hand. So when the soft wind that will be giving them the gentle ride on the waves turn vicious, or when the clear blue sky turns grey in a matter of hours as the fog begins to roll in, they would be ready to direct themselves towards the calmer shorelines. Sailing isn t a dangerous sport or so they say but you need to be prepared. The same goes for marriage. 

We spent a day shooting Calvin and Dyanita s pre-wedding portraits on a cruise ship that usually transports divers to dive sites. It was huge! And just for that day, it was all ours! I could totally see myself going around the world on one of those babies, Christopher Columbus style! That day didn t feel like work at all of course, it s always such a pleasure to shoot a couple so deeply in love as these two.

I should really start thinking about that big boat But for the moment, enjoy these series of these two sailors, who just embarked on their sail of a lifetime. Congrats, guys!




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