Camera Ready and In Love
Hendry & Salvia by Jan by AXIOO
Sep 2012

I meet a lot of different kinds of people doing what I do at AXIOO. Some loves the camera and can appear naturally and effortlessly, while some are a little camera shy. It is often the case I meet couples where the bride-to-be is just so great in front of the camera, while the groom-to-be would much rather be behind the camera if he could. But that s not the case for Hendry and Salvia. It was such a pleasure to shoot for these two who can appear so naturally and so in love throughout all the clicks.

Get this actually, Salvia was the one rather reluctant to have her pre-wedding portraits taken while Hendry was keen on doing it. That was a first for me and it made a whole lot of difference! Personally, I think that Hendry is great in front of the camera. He does great poses and can appear so natural. You d think that camera-shy is not a part of his vocabulary. Or maybe it is, but he did it anyway, because he knows that the both of them will look back on this moment and appreciate it somewhere along their journey together. Now that s what I call true love. He anticipated and she appreciated it. It was beautiful.

Hendry and Salvia just tied the knot earlier this month and the thousands of pictures that we took of them that day are being sorted and edited as we speak. So for now, I hope you enjoy these pre-wedding series of them. My absolute favorite is Superman on the roof. And I hope that Hendry will always be Salvia s go-to-hero in life!



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