Daniel & Anastasya by Jan by AXIOO
Sep 2012

I ve probably shared once before about how amazed I am to hear stories about how one meets his soul mate. It never ceases to amaze me just how their roads seemed to have been paved towards that certain someone they were meant to spend eternity with. Some probably had the time of their lives during their period together and some have been fortunate enough to have gone through a certain test that has proved their love to be stronger than they have ever thought before. But for me, an experienced being in terms of the finding of soul mates, I have realized that the most important in a relationship would be trust and commitment, and when we do meet that special someone, feelings come and go, but the trust and commitment is what will glue us together for a long time.

Daniel and Anastasya may be one of those couples that have gone through the rough patches earlier on in their relationship. They started dating and found themselves to be incompatible with each other. They called it quits a few months later. But out of a wacky impulse several months later, after losing touch, Daniel thought it would be nice to hear about how Anas was doing. That one phone call changed it all. They realized that after sometime apart, their hearts are still for each other. And so their story began again, on a new blank page, toward their story book of a lifetime. She trusts him and he is committed to her. Their story will last for eternity.

I had great fun shooting for these two people in love. They are both such social persons and made it easy to be around them. We almost covered the whole of Jakarta that day, visiting locations that matched our concept. But the most amazing part was not the motivation to do so, but that we didn t experience any traffic jam at all that day! Now that s only by the favor of God.

Daniel and Anastasya, congratulations again! May your journey be ever so sweet.



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