Come away with me
Ben & Susan by Ivan
Sep 2012

Ben and Susan have known each other since they were much younger but haven t kept much in touch, until a friend reintroduced them again. They didn t realize that they were both together sharing the same land down under at the time. They reconnected and started seeing each other intensively. The confident and bubbly young lady won the heart of the calm and quiet man, and I was lucky enough to cross paths with these remarkable people on their pre-wedding shoot.

We went back to Sydney and Melbourne to shoot their portraits and what a fun time we had! I ve always loved to shoot there. The mix of the classic and modern era and the diversity of cultures found in Melbourne make it such a magnet for the romantics with a creative heart. And Sydney there is a feeling hard to describe about being outside in Sydney. There are just so much colors that cover the urban and modern lifestyle of this vibrant city. But more than the beauty that lurks within these two Australian cities, they hold so much of Ben and Susan s hearts and the memories of how their story began, and there is nowhere in the world better to shoot prewedding portraits than in the places that witnessed the start of their journey together.

This weekend Ben and Susan will be embarking on their journey of a lifetime. A lifetime of going where the winds takes them… hand in hand, together. During the times I spent with them, I was amazed at how attentive Susan was to Ben, and how caring Ben was to Susan. I can’t imagine them going places with anyone else other than each other. Ben and Susan, you are more than great together, you complete each other… and I wish you all the happiness and joy that life may bring.



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