La Vie en Rose
Fuganto & Anita by David Soong
Aug 2012

The whole time I shot for this romantic couple, my mind was playing a soundtrack La Vie en Rose by Edith Piaf. There is just something about these two that brings out the magic and elegance of Paris. And I really love how these pictures turned out!

I first met Fu and Anita in Jakarta during our first concept meeting to discuss their pre-wedding shoot and we hit it off right away. He is a sweet romantic who adores his bride-to-be with a passion, and she is the lovable princess who won his heart with her sweet smile. I love how sweet they are together, but more than that I love how they complete each other in every way. A few weeks later, we met again in Paris for their shoot, and I was awed by how great these two looked all dressed up. We shot mostly in Paris and Chambord, bringing out the elegance and grace in both of them, the air adding a certain lavishness and wealth that feels almost magical. And the whole time, Anita glowed as if Fu had just given her the key to Paris. And I m sure that he d do just that for the woman he loves.

I ve always loved to shoot in Paris. I think that no other cities in the world can stir up a romantic feeling like Paris. But more than its iconic places, I enjoy capturing the classiness that this city radiates and the dramatic backdrop it provides. And for two elegant people such as Fu and Anita, Paris just brings out their chemistry even more.

To Fu and Anita, congratulations! May your days be filled with all things wonderful!



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