Beautiful Moments
Martin & Wenny by Jan by AXIOO
Aug 2012

Anyone who works at Axioo knows how important Wenny is to all of us… aside from handling the office finances, she’s also the one who adds balance into our accounts at the end of everyone. But that’s not why we love her… she is a sweet person and more than that, she is caring. She pays attention to all of us at the Axioo house and we know that we got it great to have her around.

So we were over the moon to hear that she was getting married. I just met Martin a few days before the shoot and already we hit it off. He’s a fun guy… although he seemed nervous at first, I soon learned that he’s actually a nice guy. A very nice guy … and Wenny is very lucky to have found him (especially when Martin is a much neater person than she is… a rare and interesting fact). Ha ha ha.

These pictures were taken a while back and Martin and Wenny have been married for a while now. But it would be such a shame if these images didn’t see the light of day. And you know just how big we are in sharing the beautiful moments of someone so dear to our hearts. So, Martin and Wenny, here’s to your happily ever after once again. Be good to each other on your journey through a lifetime. And Martin, we leave our girl in your good hands!

We love you both,


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