Perfect Together
Yudi & Jane by Jan by AXIOO
Jul 2012

My mother once told me that a man may have his type of an ideal woman but he must be open to the possibility of marrying someone entirely skewed away from the image he first had in mind. I never really understood what she meant there, but it was like a light switched on when I met Yudi and Jane. These two are so different from each other but are super sweet together they give me a toothache. They never fail to make me laugh when I m around them. They bicker and argue over the most frivolous things, but it soon passes over loud laughter. He is the class clown, the joker, the mischievous one. And she s the more serious and mature one. You d think they wouldn t last a day being in each other s company, but on the contrary, they complete each other and are so much in love with each other that everyone who sees just how perfect they are together will be filled with smiles. I m sure that Yudi and Jane had never thought they d be tying the knot but being open to the possibilities, they finally found their true love. This for me is a valuable lesson. I ll be keeping my eyes, ears and heart open wide from now on.

We shot their prewedding portraits at the Birdcage Caf around Dharmawangsa area. The wood interior and the big windows just seem to enhance the chemistry they already had. That picture of them by the window is one of my all-time favorite! Don t you just love couples who look really sweet together? I know I do!

Congratulations to Yudi and Jane who finally tied the knot last weekend! Pictures of their wedding are being compiled and sorted at this very moment. But for the mean time, I hope you enjoy these pictures of them!



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