Falling in love, over and over again
Karnadi & Katrin Family Portraits by David Soong
Jul 2012

Have you ever seen a couple who are so in love that they can’t keep their eyes and their hands off of each other?

I’ve seen quite a few doing what I do, but just last month, I have been given a rare privilege to shoot for a couple who are so much in love with each other that sparks are visible in their eyes even after 25 years of marriage!

When Uncle Karnadi and Auntie Katrin shared about how they dated back in the days, I could see the see the sparks in their eyes as they took a walk down memory lane. Their beginning was humbling. Auntie Katrin said yes to him, despite knowing that the road ahead wouldn t be easy for them. She moved from the big city to build a family with him in a smaller town called Tanjung Pinang. But she knew that as long as they have each other, everything would be alright. Together they made their dreams come true – dreams for a family, for a stable career, financial freedom.

Twenty five years later, they welcomed a son into their family of four as their eldest daughter married the man of her dreams, and to watch their angels grow up into the persons they are today is surely one of their lives proudest achievements. As they looked at how far they ve come since then, they gave each other a knowing smile, as if they knew they were going to be here one day.

I took a moment after this shoot to reflect on why I do what I do, on why I love to shoot weddings. It s not (only) because I love to party, but more than that, it s about witnessing people fall in love and make the commitment to stay in love. There is a great difference between saying your wedding vow aloud for the whole world to hear and doing it day in and day out until death do you part for the whole world to see. I ve witnessed many beginnings and after this shoot, I ve seen what falling in love over and over again with the same person after twenty five years looks like. And it looks amazingly sweet.

So I d like to thank this inspiring couple for showing us what growing old together really looks like. It is more romantic than fairy tales and much more touching than Hollywood. It is real!

Much love, David

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