Oriental Elegance
Adrian & Viallyn by David by David Soong
Jul 2012

There is something in Viallyn that makes capturing her so addictive. She exudes sophistication and elegance effortlessly, as if every move is telling a story, making every expression a perfect moment.

We put a lot of concept choices on the table and attempted at several different ideas but clearly, classic and oriental is what suits these two elegant people most. Her dresses were graceful, her smile was exquisite, and all the while we were capturing the moments, Adrian looked at his wife-to-be with a look still unbelieving that this beautiful woman will be spending the rest of her life with him.

We were on a roll, shooting for these two. I simply couldn t get enough! There was a moment where Viallyn almost fainted because we were having doing so much that she skipped lunch (big oops on my part!) but after a bottle of TehBotol and Pocari Sweat, we were back to capturing healthy doses of romance once again.

I love how these images turn out, and I hope Adrian and Viallyn enjoy these too! All were shot in Gedung Arsip, Jakarta. That makes me even more convinced that we don t have to go far to get great shots because sometimes the best places are hidden in our own little city!



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