In front of the camera
Soong Family Portraits by Adi by David Soong
Jun 2012

We re a family of photographers. You d think we have lots of pictures of ourselves, right? Well, we could actually do with a lot more. Being behind the camera all the time, we forget sometimes that we need to capture moments with ourselves in it. Moments that we might want to look back on in the future, moments that we might miss later when our children are no longer children or moments when the love we shared was the strength that got us through the day. So, in the spirit of cherishing moments that we believe in so much, we decided to spare two hours of our family time in Bali to get in front of the camera and get ourselves a family portrait! The one with all three of us in it!

I m sure that we ll be adding some warmth on to our wall spaces soon. It s always great to decorate the place we live in with the faces of the people we love most. And you know what else? I think after being in the client shoes for a few hours, we might have a go at this again soon. Being behind the camera is one thing, but being in front of it is simply addictive!

If you happen to be with family in Bali, our resident Bali-based photographer, Adi, is available for a three hour session family portrait shoot. For more information, email us at

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