Haryo & Ayu
The Wedding by David by David Soong
Mar 2012

Memories of that beautiful December day in Jerusalem will always linger in my mind. Now as I write, I still remember their vows, the unlikely clear December sky, and the intimate moments shared on that blessed day. I have known Ayu for years now, so when she said yes to Haryo’s proposal, I was so thrilled for her. Since then, Ayu and her lovely sister Aprilla started planning for this overseas destination wedding. They say planning a wedding is hard work, imagine multiplying the challenge at least 10 times to plan for a wedding that’s more than 8000 km away. Countless arrangements with the local vendors, the church, the dinner, and of course all the guests (*read: visa, tickets, hotel rooms, etc) that will be attending. There I witness the power of teamwork, and sheer determination to pull this off, making it my most memorable wedding of 2011. Thumbs up to the sisters 🙂 In the morning, as everyone was rushing to get to church, Ayu’s mom made some last minute alterations to the beautiful dress made by Vera Wang. O did I mention she made Ayu’s veil by herself, what a labor of love. I’m sure she has been waiting for this day, even as much as Ayu had. Throughout the day I found myself thinking I’d love to shoot more weddings like this. I love the natural expressions, unplanned moments, seemingly hectic, but yet intimate in every way. This is what Ayu & Haryo had in mind when planning for their wedding. Just a small guest lists and take them away for a weekend they won’t forget. The moment I stepped into the church, I paused in awe. It was only moments later that I grabbed my camera then continuously snapping from every angle. What a place to say your wedding vow! Ayu picked the best place in Jerusalem for their dinner reception, at the Mamila Hotel Rooftop, overlooking the Old City. Guests gathered for cocktails at the rooftop, catching up with their stories, while having their photos taken during sunset. I love their wedding cake! Simple yet stunning, adorned with royal blue ribbon and elegant brooch. The decor wasn’t anything over the top (considering the ballroom decor in Jakarta), but the attention to details and the romantic mood of the reception is something that has not been done in Jerusalem. Aprilla and Fifi deserve the credit too for collaborating with the local florist. It was a night so full of laughter and yes happy tears as well as two families become one. The best moment of the night had to be when they were dancing. Ignorance of the guests cheering them, they seem to have said to each other “I love you. I’m grateful to have you in my arms. Today is the beginning of our lifetime together. I’m so glad I waited for you”. To Ayu & Haryo, thank you for sharing your life with us. We love you both 🙂 Wedding Dress: Vera Wang Reception: The Mamila Hotel Organized by: DetailsCompany Event Design Florist: Aleh Koteret Florist

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