Viva Las Vegas – Cecilia & Felix
by David Soong
Feb 2009

I hope the preview of our Vegas shooting trip brings you back for more action. For the Vegas night scene, we found the Downtown Vegas, the older part of the town to be a lot more interesting to shoot..compared to the popular Las Vegas Boulevard aka The Strip. Rich neon lights calling our attention at every turn, the challenge is finding what to shoot, coz there’s just way too many good ones.

This is a must see when you’re in Vegas. The dancing fountain at Bellagio is always captivating and will make you stay for another song.We actually stayed for a few song, well that’s how long it takes to clear out the balcony for ourselves 😉

Here’s a Bellagio fountain clip on youtube…enjoy a top view angle.

Actually we start the day at Red Rock Canyon…just a short drive away from the glitz and temptation of Vegas casinos. The classic Jaguar is a head turner, we had people stopping to snap some shots with it, and some people kept asking what year it is. Felix got all the attention he ever needed in one day.

We have 2 cowboys shooting in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada…Martin & I had too much fun for one day. It’s so beautiful & memorable. We’re comin’ back for more…

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