Photography : She Said Yes
Esa & Andrew
by David Soong
Feb 2009

Esa & Andrew were married in Melbourne a few weeks before this dinner reception in Jakarta. That night, the whole family and close friends got together to celebrate their union. Lots of food & dancing all night long…


As usual, Lotus decor pulled off another fantastic transformation of the hotel ballroom. This time, Dharmawangsa Hotel ballroom is made for pre-event cocktails and the big tent seats about 400 guests. I like this buffet & table setting..instead of the normal standing buffet or set menu table seating. This way guest can choose whatever they wish to eat and seat at the table with their friends.


After a quick dinner, i began to see the real Esa & Andrew…they’re so wacky dancing off to our local music “Dangdut”. This seems to be the highlight of the night, and more dancing all night long.


Even their parents got on the dance floor and show off some moves 🙂

The Dharmawangsa team who makes all this possible…thanks Yen 🙂

I was showing off my Thom Browne shirt with super long sleeve, and the playful bride catch a glimpse of it. O ow that’s when i became the victim, looking more like Houdini than a photographer.


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