Jeyson & Laurie’s Ceremony
by David Soong
Dec 2008

December has been a hectic month! I shouldn’t have any excuses for not putting up this blog sooner. At first i wanted to have it up within the week of the wedding, one thing lead to it’s almost end of 2008. So here we go, we’re sharing quite a few sneak peek into Jeyson & Laurie’s wedding ceremony. They decided to have the ceremony & reception one week apart. The setting is more intimate, with ‘only’ about 200 guests witnessing their union (this is small, compared to the guest list for their reception).

Awesome, jaw-dropping decor by Nefi who magically transformed this pool/garden into this lush paradise. A challenging feat that started a week before the wedding. What a brilliant idea to set the aisle across the pool…don’t worry it’s strong enough to hold the crowd.

I love the reflection of these tiffany chairs lined by the pool. Check out the details!!

The hand bouquet is so gorgeous, simple and goes so well with Laurie’s dress. But check out Jey’s corsage, we kept saying it looks like a yummy vanilla ice cream…don’t you think so?

Dress by Adrian Gan, one of the best designers in Indonesia.

Anxious guest awaits the bridal party to walk in. First comes Jeyson’s parents, then Laurie’s mom & brother, followed by their siblings.The timing was perfect! There’s still available sunlight bathing the garden and the candles help create the atmosphere.

We can never thank our parents enough for what they’ve done for us.

Finally, the new Mr & Mrs 🙂

When the sun goes down, spectacular decor & lighting comes to life. The different lights accentuates the mood. By the way, i was told there was 800 m of sideglow around the pool and 10,000 points of fiber optic lights shimmering throughout this area, all done by INFICO.

Friends came to congratulate and share their union.

Friends presented a surprise drama/singing/comedy for the couple. A little summary of how Jey & Laurie got together. The endless chase has finally come to an end. At first it’s a little hard for me to understand, but apparently the couple enjoyed it..that’s what matters 😉




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