Craig & Sarah

The Wedding by Adi

Do you know why I'm always excited shooting weddings in Bali even if they are repetitively in the same venue?

Because of its wonderful spirits. Being in every corner of the wedding, I always feel the warmth of real friendship and family. It's full of laughter, joy, and smiles. Because the people who are present are only the closest people in the couple's life. People who really mean a lot to them. The atmosphere is far from the stiff and procedural ceremony.

So is in the wedding that I shoot this time. Craig and Sarah's wedding was very simple. So simple that they just visited Bali a week before the D-day: to have the first look of the venue! Sarah easily fell in love the venue. She loves the atmosphere, the scenery, and the surroundings. Even she refused the offer to replace the lounge benches in the wedding chapel to Tiffany chairs. She loved everything just the way it was.

That simplicity created an honest and non-pretentious wedding, which I can feel within the emotions of the guests.

More than that, they are very photogenic and passionately expressing their love towards each other, which make me even happier shooting this wedding.

These are few photos that I like.




09 Jan 2013

Aldwin & Sera

The Wedding by David


I’ve shot my share of destination weddings in the past years doing what I do, and I’ve always felt the thrill to do it. Marrying away from home in the past usually meant eloping, where the couple would escape in the night to run away from the disapproval of families and tie the knot on their own terms. But today, that idea is no longer valid and a lot more couples are moving the traditional formal affair to an intimate and casual occasion in their dream honeymoon spot. The best part about destination weddings is that it involves only a selected handful of family and friends, which makes it a bona fide week long family affair. And another reason why I personally love destination weddings is that basically the couple gets to call the shots and make that day (or week entirely theirs) and steer clear of family drama, because the place is just to gorgeous for anything less than sheer happiness.

Aldwin and Sera tied the knot in Paris. There is no other cities that can spark a romantic feel like Paris and while I’ve witnessed firsthand countless times of how this city can provide an amorous backdrops for pre-wedding portraits, it is an absolute stunning location for a wedding.  Paris wasn’t the original destination for this couple who have been dating on and off for years before committing to forever. At first they wanted to keep it simple at either Jakarta or Bali. However, Aldwin’s sister who lives in Paris just gave birth and had to stay, and because there was no way they were going to celebrate this moment without her, if she couldn’t come to the wedding, they will bring the wedding to her.

It was a gorgeous event. Small and intimate filled with only the closest of friends and relatives. On the day before the wedding, the guests were invited to a scenic welcome lunch, cruising on the River Seine all around Paris. The ceremony was held in the beautiful Pavilion de Musique de la Contesse du Barry overlooking the city and the night carried on in an intimate reception at the Shangri-la Paris, an absolutely stunning hotel.

Destination weddings seem to be a growing trend and Aldwin and Sera just showed us why. An intimate affair filled only with the people you love most in a beautiful setting for the perfect, unrushed weeklong reunion, there is surely nothing better. Congratulations, Aldwin and Sera. May your days together be filled with even more l’amour




05 Dec 2012

Haryo & Ayu

The Wedding by David
Memories of that beautiful December day in Jerusalem will always linger in my mind. Now as I write, I still remember their vows, the unlikely clear December sky, and the intimate moments shared on that blessed day. I have known Ayu for years now, so when she said yes to Haryo's proposal, I was so thrilled for her. Since then, Ayu and her lovely sister Aprilla started planning for this overseas destination wedding. They say planning a wedding is hard work, imagine multiplying the challenge at least 10 times to plan for a wedding that's more than 8000 km away. Countless arrangements with the local vendors, the church, the dinner, and of course all the guests (*read: visa, tickets, hotel rooms, etc) that will be attending. There I witness the power of teamwork, and sheer determination to pull this off, making it my most memorable wedding of 2011. Thumbs up to the sisters :) In the morning, as everyone was rushing to get to church, Ayu's mom made some last minute alterations to the beautiful dress made by Vera Wang. O did I mention she made Ayu's veil by herself, what a labor of love. I'm sure she has been waiting for this day, even as much as Ayu had. Throughout the day I found myself thinking I'd love to shoot more weddings like this. I love the natural expressions, unplanned moments, seemingly hectic, but yet intimate in every way. This is what Ayu & Haryo had in mind when planning for their wedding. Just a small guest lists and take them away for a weekend they won't forget. The moment I stepped into the church, I paused in awe. It was only moments later that I grabbed my camera then continuously snapping from every angle. What a place to say your wedding vow! Ayu picked the best place in Jerusalem for their dinner reception, at the Mamila Hotel Rooftop, overlooking the Old City. Guests gathered for cocktails at the rooftop, catching up with their stories, while having their photos taken during sunset. I love their wedding cake! Simple yet stunning, adorned with royal blue ribbon and elegant brooch. The decor wasn't anything over the top (considering the ballroom decor in Jakarta), but the attention to details and the romantic mood of the reception is something that has not been done in Jerusalem. Aprilla and Fifi deserve the credit too for collaborating with the local florist. It was a night so full of laughter and yes happy tears as well as two families become one. The best moment of the night had to be when they were dancing. Ignorance of the guests cheering them, they seem to have said to each other "I love you. I'm grateful to have you in my arms. Today is the beginning of our lifetime together. I'm so glad I waited for you". To Ayu & Haryo, thank you for sharing your life with us. We love you both :) Wedding Dress: Vera Wang Reception: The Mamila Hotel Organized by: DetailsCompany Event Design Florist: Aleh Koteret Florist
23 Mar 2012

Esa & Andrew

Esa & Andrew were married in Melbourne a few weeks before this dinner reception in Jakarta. That night, the whole family and close friends got together to celebrate their union. Lots of food & dancing all night long...


As usual, Lotus decor pulled off another fantastic transformation of the hotel ballroom. This time, Dharmawangsa Hotel ballroom is made for pre-event cocktails and the big tent seats about 400 guests. I like this buffet & table setting..instead of the normal standing buffet or set menu table seating. This way guest can choose whatever they wish to eat and seat at the table with their friends.


After a quick dinner, i began to see the real Esa & Andrew...they're so wacky dancing off to our local music "Dangdut". This seems to be the highlight of the night, and more dancing all night long.

Even their parents got on the dance floor and show off some moves :) 

The Dharmawangsa team who makes all this possible...thanks Yen :) 

i was showing off my Thom Browne shirt with super long sleeve, and the playful bride catch a glimpse of it. O ow that's when i became the victim, looking more like Houdini than a photographer.

23 Feb 2009

Jeyson & Laurie's Ceremony

December has been a hectic month! I shouldn't have any excuses for not putting up this blog sooner. At first i wanted to have it up within the week of the wedding, one thing lead to it's almost end of 2008. So here we go, we're sharing quite a few sneak peek into Jeyson & Laurie's wedding ceremony. They decided to have the ceremony & reception one week apart. The setting is more intimate, with 'only' about 200 guests witnessing their union (this is small, compared to the guest list for their reception).

Awesome, jaw-dropping decor by Nefi who magically transformed this pool/garden into this lush paradise. A challenging feat that started a week before the wedding. What a brilliant idea to set the aisle across the pool...don't worry it's strong enough to hold the crowd.

I love the reflection of these tiffany chairs lined by the pool. Check out the details!! 

The hand bouquet is so gorgeous, simple and goes so well with Laurie's dress. But check out Jey's corsage, we kept saying it looks like a yummy vanilla ice cream...don't you think so?

Dress by Adrian Gan, one of the best designers in Indonesia.

Anxious guest awaits the bridal party to walk in. First comes Jeyson's parents, then Laurie's mom & brother, followed by their siblings.The timing was perfect! There's still available sunlight bathing the garden and the candles help create the atmosphere.

We can never thank our parents enough for what they've done for us. 

Finally, the new Mr & Mrs :)

When the sun goes down, spectacular decor & lighting comes to life. The different lights accentuates the mood. By the way, i was told there was 800 m of sideglow around the pool and 10,000 points of fiber optic lights shimmering throughout this area, all done by INFICO.

Friends came to congratulate and share their union. 

Friends presented a surprise drama/singing/comedy for the couple. A little summary of how Jey & Laurie got together. The endless chase has finally come to an end. At first it's a little hard for me to understand, but apparently the couple enjoyed it..that's what matters ;)




29 Dec 2008
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