Charles & Jane

The Wedding by Adi

Imagine having beautiful flowers, warm sunshine, soothing sea breeze and the blue ocean as the backdrop of the moment you speak your life long vows. Nothing can be more romantic than that. For those who want to go for a more relaxed atmosphere and an intimate ambiance, Bali is perfect place.

Wedding day is one of the most memorable and precious days of your life and sharing the moment with the loved ones in a special place will be a beautiful memory to last .There is no place more romantic than the tropical island of Bali for an unforgettable exchange of wedding vows... Bali is a magical location for a wedding, where sacredness plays a very large part. There are loads of wedding locations throughout the island and each one offers incredibly unique sceneries. However “incredible” is not even close to illustrate the scenic scenes of the cliffside venue, which made the Bali wedding away from usual.   

Forget ordinary weddings - if you're all for warmth and cozy, intimate and serene, and if you're looking for a destination wedding where the sun, sand and sea can bare witness to your union, Bali offers a memorable and cherished experience, and a beautiful memory to last a lifetime.

To Charles and Jane, thanks for having me to shoot your beautiful day. You both make this island look even more gorgeous. Congratulations again!


11 Feb 2013

Shammi & Ekta Engagement

Introducing Dimar Brataadiredja


Hei Guys!Before we know it a month has passed in 2013, and all of us are super excited with all the things that we have planned for this year.One of the things that we are excited about this year, is the addition of a new member in the Video Department! This year we feel excited and blessed to have Dimar Brataadiredja as our newest Video Director.We are super excited about Dimar because we believe that Dimar would bring yet another color and style to our Video Department. His unique strength of storytelling is something we really look forward to in both our Wedding and Pre-wedding projects. And to show you what I'm talking about, here's one of his first projects with us. So here it is guys, introducing our newest Video Director, Dimar Brataadiredja in Shammi and Ekta Engagement! Enjoy!CheersDonny Effrien


04 Feb 2013

Revano & Stephanie

The Wedding by David


What I see in Revano and Stephanie is what I wish to see in every couple. They are the epitome of the real deal, ultra sweet and loving couple. I’m not exaggerating because it’s true. Take a look at these photos. Do you see how she looks at him? It’s how she looks at him every day, with that “I love you and I respect you” look in her eyes. And as for Revano, this guy is fully aware of how lucky he is to be with her. So, he doesn’t hesitate to jump at every chance he has to tell her how much he adores her, by bringing her little surprises to brighten her day. They are each other’s Hunny. For a moment you’d forget their real names and call them H1 and H2. But the best part is that they do these things without even trying, as if it’s all automatic for them. Loving each other is a part of their lifestyle, and what a great way of life that is! It doesn’t take a big or momentous occasion to shower your spouse with love; love is actually in the little of every day.

My wife and I have come to know this wonderful couple as friends many months before their wedding. We’ve had the late night suppers, the casual chats over coffee and the countless visits to AXIOO as they did their pre-wedding shoot with Paulus and also during Stephanie’s beauty portrait with Fen. I’m not going to lie to you, their wedding was one I was very much eager to shoot. I knew it wouldn’t feel much like a job as I flew in to Bali with a bunch of friends and spared more time for fun in the sun.

If there’s anything I love more than shooting for a fun loving couple, it’s a well thought-out wedding. Revano and Stephanie really took the time to instill their personalities into every detail of the wedding. From the penguins of Madagascar corsages to the Red Munny guest book. And they seem to have an obsession with Le Moustache, and so we made a good use of it! But what I especially loved was the consistent Carnival theme that was everywhere – on the décor, the props, their invitation. It was very well thought out indeed. And the icing on the cake of the whole day were the close friends that decorated the intimate event. Revano’s best friends and partners of his architectural firm flew in to Bali from Cyprus, Lebanon and Kuwait to be his groomsmen, and the bridesmaids Stephanie chose to be with her on her most important day were her lifelong closest girls. I know you’ll agree with me that there is nothing better than to spend a wonderful day in the company of your friends. And I'm just glad that I got to share it with them. 


Congratulations again H1 and H2! May your days be ever so sweet!






Venue: The Edge, Bali

Flowers & Decorations: Lotus 

Bride's Dress: Elly Be Gorgeous

30 Jan 2013

The Wedding of Craig & Sarah

Same Day Edit Video by Garry V.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a fabulous 2012, filled with God's loving kindness and personally, I sure am glad we got the whole 21-12-12 end-of-the-world rumors out of the way and survived! Let's pray for a dynamic and vibrant 2013 where we can all watch our dreams unfold.

Today I'd like to share with you a video of my very first Australian client. Meet Craig and Sarah who tied the knot under the beautiful Bali sky last year. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for me to shoot their wedding. The whole event was set up so differently than the local weddings I am used to. It was laid-back, in every sense of the word. Loose schedules left room for spontaneity and impulsive fun. Not to mention the beautiful couple who were so relaxed and camera-friendly, they sure made my job a wonderful thing. It was almost like making a Hollywood-movie (OK, I might not know what Hollywood movie making is like, but in my head, this comes mighty close!) 

I enjoyed how nothing was orchestrated and how everything were left to flow. I especially enjoyed the ambiance, the feel, and the sounds that were captured. It made the video more than just a wedding trailer.


Garry V. 


27 Jan 2013

The wedding of Wijaya + Michelle

Same Day Edit by Jimmy Indra


People always say the most beautiful things during a wedding vow. They speak of things that they don't normally say to each other and talk about stuff that they don't usually think of on an ordinary day. But the things that are said there are usually the essence of a marriage, and we can only hope that those words spoken in the beauty of the moment would be honored till death do they part. I am a sucker for beautiful wedding vows, and that's why touching ones would be the highlight of the videos I direct. I particularly love these words from Wijaya: "I guess we are not perfect individually. But then again, these imperfections are me and you. I love that. And I love you." There is honesty and sincerity in that. There stood a man who humbly asked the love of his life to share his eternal with him, and from behind my lens, that was the most beautiful moment.Enjoy!Jimmy Indra


21 Jan 2013

Adrian & Wan Sin

The Wedding by Adi

Every night I went home from a wedding coverage, my wife would ask me, "Tell me about today's wedding!" As for Adrian and Wan Sin's wedding, the first line that came out was, "There were only 8 chairs on the Holy Ceremony. Literally! 8 chairs lining up facing the ocean. That's all!" And my wife didn't believe me until I showed her the picture.

Adrian and Wan Sin's wedding was probably one of the most memorable wedding I ever shot. Apart from the cute way of presenting the chairs during the Holy Ceremony, Wan Sin's story about her buying the Vera Wang dress in New York and hand carried it all the way to Bali also stick in memory well. Furthermore, their friendliness and surprising cooperativeness were all telling me how they've put their hearts in this wedding.

The wedding day was full of bright smiles, highlighted by Adrian and Wan Sin's cheerful expression. And what made me feel so content, that they were both so happy when I showed them the shots from my camera, and rounded up the day with one of the warmest smile I've ever seen in my life, "Amazing, I love it. Thank you, thank you, you guys." I can still feel that proudness until today.

Let me share you several shots from the wedding.


20 Jan 2013

Yansen & Jacqueline

The Wedding by Paulus

There is something about a bride who knows her wedding inside out. She aligns everything perfectly, plans the whole event with passion, and knows everything by heart. From the wedding invitations, to the make-up, to the photographer choice ... I appreciate clients such as these, who choses her vendors based on what each of us are good at and believes in us to deliver our best work for what could be the single most important day of her life.

Jacqueline is one of those brides, and I am blessed to have met her and shot her wedding day. From the very first meeting, she has already told us everything from A to Z about how her wedding will be. And already then, I couldn't wait till the day I could shoot for them. She pointed out some of my past work that she liked, what she would like to have and what she would rather not. Some may say that this could offend a photographer, I on the other hand, really appreciated how she valued my art.

Here's a side note: I absolutely LOVED their decoration! I think Yu Cien (from Lotus) did a gorgeous job for them. It made everything magical!

Thank you, once again, for the opportunity to shoot for you, Yansen & Jacqueline. And congratulations, again! May your days be filled with much blessings!


20 Jan 2013

Willy & Tania

The Wedding by Dre

My heart skipped a beat. Maybe even two. I had found out that the travel agent we used for handling our visa applications was irresponsible and dishonest. A complete jackass. He put in my application for Schengen visa at the very last minute, thus i was not able to fly out to Germany as planned. Tania and Willy were already in Germany then. Three short days before their wedding, I had to make the difficult phone call to inform them that there is a slight chance i might not be able to come on time.

Try putting yourself in their shoes. I tried, and i had shivers. But amazingly, Tania and Willy were gracious and understanding. I was surprised by their poise in the midst of such unfortunate unravelling. I am glad all of us stayed positive and hopeful while we lived on the edge for the next 24 hours, patiently waiting for updates on my visa application.

Long story short, i managed to fly out and arrive in the city of Koln on the morning of their wedding day! What a close shave! I thank God that i was able to be a part of their special day. Their wedding was extremely intimate with only about 30 guests consisting of family and close friends. They held their holy matrimony inside the Koln Dom, one of the oldest Cathedral in Europe and certainly the most beautiful one i have ever seen. I had the opportunity to get to know their family and friends, even having breakfast together the day after. Their wedding was simply beautiful.

What a turnaround of event it had been! Grace certainly has a way to make beauty out of ugly things. Thank you Tania and Willy for your grace, for being such a great host and for giving me the privilege to document your wedding day! Congrats once again!

And in case you need to know, we have since been using a different travel agent. :)


16 Jan 2013

The wedding of Michael & Angela

Wedding Trailer Directed by Yosep S.

At the very end of 2012, we shot a wedding which we've been anticipating with great excitement. Simply because we've known the couple for a while and we got the opportunity to shoot his extravagant, yet sweet and romantic proposal to her. So as we got ready to turn our 2012 page to a new blank (incredibly exciting) 2013 page, Michael and Angela were also closing one chapter of their lives, and embark onto a new chapter of their lives which they will do, this time not as just indivduals, but together.

'Turning Pages' to most, is an exciting experience, and yet to some can be quite a scary one, or even both exciting and scary at the same time. If we're reading a book, every time we turn a page means we're leaving behind all the things that we've read in the previous page and getting new adventures and excitements. To newly weds like Michael and Angela, this means that they would have to leave behind their past victories and failures as individuals, and share a new adventure together as a couple.

If we're writing a book, turning pages means that we'll a blank sheet of paper ready to be filled with our new experiences, stories and adventures. For Michael and Angela, the difference is this time, they will not be writing and filling this blank piece of paper individually but as a family. So from all of us, we wish Michael and Angela that your pages would be filled with many exciting adventures and many more sweet and romantic chapters of love!


Yosep S.

14 Jan 2013

Egi & Zita

The Wedding by Paulus

I don’t get to shoot traditional Indonesian weddings very often, and so when I do, I jump at the chance immediately. I’m always so fascinated by the colors and symbolism that decorates each ritual within the ceremony. Traditional weddings are filled with the yellow of bananas, the beautiful white jasmines, the fragrant pink rose petals, and the greens of pandan leaves. I find the mixture of it all so charming.


But what I especially love from these weddings are the strong emotional bond that comes up so vividly between the bride and her father. Every bride is her daddy’s princess and the moment she asks for his blessings to marry the man of her choice in front of the large audience at the ceremony becomes such an emotional one.  The father’s eyes would be filled with an apparent mixture of pride and confound as he gives his daughter’s hand away in marriage, knowing that from that day forward, he will no longer be the man most important in her life. The bride’s eyes would be filled with gratitude, deep respect and love for her hero who raised her. And when she gaze at him to apologize for all the past mistakes and seeks his blessings for her new life with her husband-to-be, that’s always the moment worth capturing, and the moment I love most.


Congratulations on your beautiful wedding ceremony Egi and Zita. I wish you both a happy marriage!




11 Jan 2013
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