A Swiss Memory

Raymond & Shierly by Aha
While reminiscing my travel adventures, a memory from Switzerland popped up: Raymond and Shierly said, “Our inspiration is people who appreciates love. AXIOO is one of them.” Then, my flashback began.   One day, my previous client asked, “Aha, do you remember Shierly? My bridesmaid?” I do! She’s the one who always smile. Before I answered, my client broke the news, “She is getting married! She chose you as their wedding photographer.” Wow. It really means a lot for me. I remember how happy I was that day. I couldn’t wait to meet her and her future husband. The first time I met them, we clicked right away. They’re very humble. Raymond said he’ll do anything I tell them to do. I’m really grateful for their trust! When I asked about the things they love, they told me all about nature and beautiful landscape. So, we flied to Zurich and Interlaken. I’ve always love to shoot in Interlaken. However, it was my first time to shoot in Zurich. I fell in love with the city. It’s really calm in the morning. I remember walking from my hotel to the city center, where all the buildings were old. There was no nobody, only birds chirping and a few cars passing by. It’s the perfect city to take your spouse for a romantic walk and breakfast. Raymond and Shierly loved being there! When we drove past a lake, I saw a really beautiful tree. The spot had a unique romantic vibe. I woke them up from their sleep and said, “let’s take a photo here!” When they laid their eyes on the scene, they immediately agreed. Since their deepest wish is to get captured as they truly are, I just built the mood and everything flowed organically from there.   The photoshoot was very successful! I love how honest they were with each other. The way they hold hand was really pure. Their chemistry was really strong. This was my happy ending for the Swiss trip! Thank you for choosing me as your photographer, Raymond and Shierly. I hope you guys kept falling in love with each other harder and harder as your days pass to forever. Cheers, Aha
18 May 2017

A Sip of Wine

Andy & Jessica by Donny

Do you ever feel like you’re alone in a city crowd? Our city lives are defined by self productivity, deadlines, and entertainment. We grew to be more individualists. The city life limits our times with our loved ones even though we need them the most. 


Even though Andy and Jessica lives in Jakarta, one of the busiest town in Asia, the couple have something they always come back to. No matter what. They love to drink wine together while having a conversation or watching movies. 


Their plan was to drink wine at their last pre-wedding photo scene. However, by the time we reached the last session, they were too tired to drink. Still, the couple wished to include wine in their photoshoot. So, I took photos of them with the bottles. It feels like they really carve out time to do their thing despite anything.


“Hmm. Maybe you should take some time off,” said Jessica, “Be alone with each other. If you can, go on a holiday somewhere you both love to enjoy. Andy and I love beaches more than mountains. We often go to Bali, since the nearest beaches are there.” 


I totally agree with Jessica and Andy. We should make time to be with our partner. Whether we achieve a success or stress over a setback, he/she is the one who will always be there.  







Photo is courtesy of Andy and Jessica. 

09 May 2017

Going On With The Wedding Plan

Levirio & Venny Prewedding by Will

One of the best things about wedding is creating memories with family. We wish every member of our family, especially our mom and dad, to witness our vow and enjoy our celebration. Unfortunately, while preparing for the wedding, just a short while before the photoshoot, Venny’s dad passed away. I was deeply saddened. I was also confused: their wedding were only a few months away, how can they prepare? 


Months later, on my second trip to Netherlands, I met Venny and Levirio. I was surprised! The photoshoot was very emotional. A couple times, Venny told me stories about her dad. Tears brimmed in her eyes. I could see how much she loves her dad. I put the camera aside, and tried to cheer her up as best as I could.


From her stories, Venny taught me about being grateful for all the family members we had. She reminded me to spend more time with family and to cherish every moment. The love of the family is the one that matters the most.


Levirio, Venny, you both did a great job. I learned a lot about family from you, and I am amazed at your strength to go on with your plans. I am sure that your dad is happy to see you from up there. Anyway, congratulations for your wedding! I wish you a wonderful journey ahead. May your family be blessed. May you live happily ever after. 








P.S. This trip was very memorable. Once again, Netherlands left a deep mark in my heart. I'm looking forward to go back there to capture more love stories.



Photo is courtesy of Levirio & Venny



26 Apr 2017

My First, My Last, My Everything

Will & Agnes by Adi | Written by Will

It was July 2005, almost 12 years ago. She walked into our classroom in high school and she caught my eye, instantly. I’ve heard about love at first sight, even though I didn’t know what it felt like. I’m guessing that was it. I was a very shy boy then. I didn’t have the courage to talk to her. I just stared at her from a far. She was the most beautiful girl I ever saw. She still is. 

After six months of sharing a class, sometime around February 2006, I got up the nerve to talk to her, you know… just to spark up a friendship. Boy, was that the most awkward conversation I ever had with anyone. We were in the same class again the next school year and that was good because there were more chances to talk - about anything really, nothing in particular. I never really tried to ask her out, even when I wanted to, I just couldn’t really bring myself to do it.

I remember praying about it. I know it may sound too serious for someone in high school to think that he’s met The One. But God miraculously answered my prayers and I knew right then that I was going to spend the rest of my life with Agnes. That gave me the confidence boost I needed. And later that year, on the 15th of November 2006 to be exact, I asked her to be my very first girlfriend and she said Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy in my entire life. 

I believe that Agnes was picked out by God especially for me. But even with such conviction, our journey was not without tribulations. After high school, I moved to Surabaya for college while she stayed in Makassar. Things were so much harder when we were apart and we gave up our relationship in 2011. Up till now, that was still the darkest moment of my life. I couldn’t move on. I kept trying to get back to her because I still really loved her. And after a year apart, we made it back to each other. 

The dynamics of our relationship seem to have changed after the break. We became more mature and more understanding towards each other. There’s this saying, “You only realize the importance of someone after they’re gone” and that hit me hard. That moment, I promised that I will never let her go, whatever it takes. Agnes is my person, my better half. She is the one who gave me endless love and support even when I didn’t deserve it. She stayed with me through ups and downs, she helped me to push through my limits, and she is the one who loves me, just as I am. 

She is my first, my last, and my everything. She really is truly the one for me. And I am just the luckiest man alive to be given the privilege to spend the rest of my life with this amazing woman. 



20 Apr 2017

Be Close For Comfort

Michael & Maydeline by Paulus

What is the success of marriage? That’s a tough question. But when I see happily married couples, one thing that they all have in common is how comfortable they are with each other. Honestly it made me think, could this be it? Could comfort really be the key to a successful relationship? I think yes. 

Marriage is a long term relationship. It requires a conscious effort to make marriage a priority. So what are signs of comfort in a relationship? Well, for one - it’s a little bit of silliness and shameless playfulness with each other. I realize that it can be tough to be fun, cheerful, bubbly, and silly while we’re in busy and demanding adulthood-slash-marriage life. There is a lot of work to be done and it’s very easy to take fun for granted or to forget about it entirely. But you can always start with finding someone who can make you laugh, who wants to do silly things with or for you, who makes you comfortable enough to be yourself. 

There’s something about Michael and Maydeline that made me think of this. They made each other laugh, and I couldn’t help but smile when they’re around. They’re so relaxed, so happy, and absolutely head over heels in love with one another. 

Congratulations to this cutest couple. Here’s to hoping that the two of you always find time to cherish and love each other, and always take time to have some fun together every day. 




15 Mar 2017

Couple’s Escape

Niko & Febby Prewedding by Jan

The problem married couples face is that we often feel stressed and exhausted with the continuous demanding adulthood requires. We can be so busy, so fractured, and often not in the mood for romance. And we all know the fact that couples who don’t find some work-life balance will find their marriage suffers.

That is why every couples need some time alone together, filled with the kind of activities which will help to reconnect with each other. Couple’s escape has the benefit to give you the opportunity to reconnect in a deeply loving way. With a beautiful scenery, and a great range of stress-free activities, couple’s escape will deepen the intimacy, help to manage the conflicts, and renew your connection and commitment to each other.

It is essentially a vacation, where you’re dedicating your uninterrupted time to your partner to get to know each other again and remember what made you fall in love in the first place. This will keep your bond strong and unbreakable and both of you will learn the importance of keeping sparks alive and marriage a priority.

Whenever you feel like you and your spouse tired with every day’s routines, plan a fun couple’s escape and treat yourself and your spouse with a precious quality time together. It’s going to be great if you’re lucky to have a chance to go to exotic places, far… far away, but you could always escape to a destination that’s only a drive away from your city and still have that kind of quality time you and your spouse deserve.

I know that this is a pre-wedding album. Niko and Febby aren’t really there yet, but I know they will be. And if they keep this hobby that they have, to travel and to discover new places together, I believe they’re going to rock marriage.

Congrats in advance you guys!



14 Mar 2017


Okkar & Khine by Ivan

When I took these pictures of Okkar and Khine in London, I couldn’t help but notice how her face lit up every time she looked up at the fiancé. I love watching their chemistry. Their big day is coming up and I imagine that in the midst of all the hassle of wedding planning, this little getaway was complete bliss. I think that a bit of traveling together before the big day should be made a mandatory thing. Not only is it good to distance yourself from the piles of “to-do” before the big day, if you think about it, marriage and travel actually have many things in common. 

Both in marriage and travel, there is a process of ongoing change. Sometimes we need to set the itinerary and stick to the schedule, but sometimes we need to take detours. Along the way we might find something, or we might even lose something. The sight may be very beautiful for a week, but then it could be very boring and even sickening for the next couple of days. 

Travel also has a way of bringing out the real you. Just like in marriage. You cannot hide your worst character yet you can be really good to and for each other. Travel always offers unexpected challenges: a missed flight, a lost wallet, or a frustration of language barrier, to name a few, that provides opportunities that bring out the real you. It’s the same with marriage. Challenges will come knocking at your door every day and there’s no way you can run away from them. Instead, you need to face it head on, hand in hand with your partner. You have to get each other’s backs and compromise on things.

Marriage is a lifelong journey; it’s not the destination. So, instead of wondering when you’ll get there, it’s better to just enjoy the journey. But don’t worry, whenever you feel trapped and bored in the routines of married life, you could always ask your spouse to take some time off together and go travel the world for a little bit of excitement.

Go on a trip somewhere together before you say “I do”. It’s going to do you a lot of good. 



24 Feb 2017

#AXIOO15: What AXIOO Means To Andreas Hartanto

Andy & Maggie by Aha

I picked up a wedding magazine for the first time in high school. There was an article about David Soong in it, with a picture of him laying on the side of the Darling Harbour in Sydney. In it, he talked about changing mindsets and bringing about newness to the world of wedding photography. As I read through it, a dream starting to grow inside my heart. I knew right then, that I would want to work with him at AXIOO. 

At that time, the company revolved around David Soong and Ivan Mario. I followed their stories closely. I caught up with updates and I admired their work. Even when I was in college studying design, their work continued to be my inspiration and my desire to work with them never gotten smaller. I kept that dream alive. Until one day, towards the end of my last semester at college, as if by fate, I met Paulus Hyu. AXIOO had gotten bigger and had more photographers on their team, while I had just opened up a humble food stall near the AXIOO office. I met David in person for the very first time at that stall. He came in with some of the AXIOO guys to eat and he always sparked up conversations that led to stimulating and inspiring discussions. My admiration for him and his company grew. And I had begun to pick up my camera after that. 

A few months later, Paulus asked me if I was still interested to help out at AXIOO. That question came into my life like a lightning bolt. OMG! That was like a dream come true. I managed to stay cool, though, and I asked him, “What can I do to help?” 

So I was invited to meet with David a few days after that. In a business setting. Not casually at a food stall. I remember trying to keep my mind around it as I hung on to every word David was saying. He asked me, “Why do you want to work at AXIOO?” And I didn’t waste a second before telling him this story that I had just told you. 

Three years ago, I made the decision to join AXIOO. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. More than having the chance to meet the personalities that I have been a huge fan of since high school, I got the chance to actually share my life with them. To learn from them. To be inspired by them. To be corrected by them. On a daily basis. I grew inside this company - not just as a photographer, but as a friend and as a human being. My skills are improved, my confidence is built and my character is shaped. 

This is what AXIOO means to me: It is a dream that became a home. 

David once told me, “The best part of photography is the relationship. If your clients become your friend, that will mean the world to us.” Thank you AXIOO for never stopping to inspire the world. Always dream big and act even bigger in the years ahead. Cheers to 15 years of AXIOO!

As we celebrate fifteen years of capturing love and life, we want to invite you to come away with us. We’ve got something special coming up… and we can’t wait to show it to you! #AXIOO15 will open an exhibition at the #BridestoryFair2017 on the 10th-12th of Feb at Sheraton Grand Jakarta Gandaria City Hotel. Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there!

09 Feb 2017

True love is the reward

Michael & Febrina by Paulus


“Don’t repay evil for evil. Don’t retaliate with insults when people insult you. But overcome evil with good. This is the true love”

I really like these words, a words pronounced by priest during one of the many weddings I got to witness. These words still ring true until today. 

We live in a broken world when the love of many will grow cold, a world where people would rather hurt, retaliate and refuse to love or forgive. We know that we’re not supposed to be doing any of those things, but it’s always easier to take the low road, isn’t it? And the sad part is that this even harder to do with the people we love the most. This happens even in marriage.

There are days when we just don’t want to love our spouse. Believe me, I’ve been there. When my wife is in a horribly annoying mood and when she “can’t help but” inflict pain on me, I wish I didn’t have to accept or understand. My first instinct is, of course, to retaliate. I would have nothing of it. I’d take revenge. I’d keep score. Every time she annoys me is the same time I’ll annoy her back. I’d want to hurt her whenever she hurt me. But that’s just the easy way to go, isn’t it? It doesn’t help the situation. In fact, it’s like throwing gasoline on the fire. It just makes it worse.

The reward in marriage lies in honoring the commitment and that is to love your spouse even when it’s hard, because when it’s hard to love them, that’s when they actually need to be loved the most. Be the sunshine on their bad days. Forgive even when it’s hard. Be patient. Even in the heat of the moment you’d think that it’s unfair, know the meaning of true love. Don’t succumb to the flesh and the voice inside your head that tells you to repay wrongdoings with the same. Look for healthy solutions. Instead of meeting evil with equal or greater force, let’s meet evil with a completely different force: with good. Instead of paying back in kind, payback with kindness.

If it’s still hard for you, say a silent prayer for them. And give your heart some time to heal. Remember, the reward lies right there. True love will be your reward. 



27 Jan 2017

The Waiting Period

Niko & Febby by Dre | Written by Maya

We’re nearing the end of the first month this year, but I hope it isn’t too late to say wish you a Happy New Year. Hope your year is going swell! So, I’m here filling in for Dre as he’s still enjoying the start of the year (thanks for sharing your space with me, Dre!) and I thought of sharing with you a little musing about “The Waiting Period”. If you think about it, we’re always waiting for something, aren’t we? We stand at the traffic light waiting for the light to turn green. We stand at public toilets waiting for our turn to you know… do our business. We sit at restaurants waiting for our food to arrive. When we think about it, we actually spend a good portion of our lives waiting for something. Those are the small, ordinary things that we’re so used to waiting for, we don’t even mind waiting anymore. But what about the big things? The big promotion? The big breakthrough? And my all time favorite, the long wait for that one special person to come into your life and sweep you off your feet.  Romance is quite possibly the one thing we really mind waiting for. Especially when we’ve waited not for mere minutes or hours, but for days, maybe months, even years for that one special person to come along. We’ve waited so long we’ve almost given up hope and we begin to prepare our hearts for disappointments. “Those fairytale happy-endings were never for me, anyway!” we’d tell ourselves. We’d begin to lament our sad, sad fate and on bad days, we’d even curse it. We try to convince ourselves that we’re wasting our time and try to move on, but find that the dream of finding “the one” keep on resurfacing and it brings us back to what seems like a never-ending waiting period.  Waiting is always hard. Especially when it’s long. It can get tiring and boring and it can bring you down pretty fast. But let me ask you something: what do you do when you’re waiting in the traffic or in the toilet or at the restaurant? You’d probably chat with whoever you’re with or maybe check out your phone (although I sincerely hope that you aren’t doing this when you’re driving!). You’ll connect with whoever you’re with or if you’re alone, you’ll scroll through your social media feed or maybe chat with someone on an app, or maybe you’ll watch your surrounding. You find something to do and you certainly don’t start feeling sorry for yourself just because you have to wait. What you do in the waiting period matters. Your attitude towards your waiting period matters. You aren’t waiting for just anyone; you are waiting for the one! As you wait for that one special person to come into your life, move your focus from being a sad person in waiting into being someone awesome who is absolutely worth waiting for. Meet new people, make new friends, create healthy relationships. Enhance yourself. Discover new things and work on your personal growth. Don’t waste the time you have on meaningless things. Instead, use it wisely, as the chance to get to love yourself and to know exactly what you’re looking for. You know what they say, true love will always find a way. And that one special person will make his way to you when you’re ready and when God says “it’s time”. In the meantime, find things to make your waiting period memorable. And we’ll be praying that this year will be your best year yet. 
 Love, Maya

25 Jan 2017
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