You are my sunshine

Jun & Pax Family Portraits by Ave

Summer… I always feel like the joys are stretched longer to the length of the days in summertime. The cool breeze brings a whiff of the sweet smell of fresh cut grass and the butterflies are roaming free. I love summer. Especially in Australia, a country I call my second home. 

On one particular summer day, in Sydney, I was standing in the middle of Centennial Park, waiting to shoot the family portraits session with a huge smile plastered across my face. It was a perfect day with the most beautiful weather. It wasn’t scorching hot; strangely, it felt rather chilly as the wind blew across the shade of the trees where I stood. I hadn’t met the family I was going to shoot in person. I’ve only known Jun and Pax by name, as David had just documented their private anniversary celebration a few weeks earlier. I heard that they were humble and easygoing people who are fun to be around. When I finally met them, I found out that everything I had heard was true and more. It made me feel honored just to be there, with them and their family, to shoot their family portraits. Pax had told me, via email, that she had wanted to do take a moment out of their family holiday to take some pictures and preferred if they could have some fun while doing it. 

That’s how I came to Centennial Park that day. It was a park with large trees and a good shade with a pretty little bridge. It was the perfect place for a family photo shoot. 

I loved how this family were just so natural together. It means a lot that I didn’t have to say anything to capture some really good moments. Jackson, the toddler, looked as if he had the time of his life. He had so much fun running here and there we almost lost him. (Almost. Almost. Thankfully, everyone around the park were just so nice. I can’t imagine what would have happened if we had lost him for real. My heart nearly stopped beating.) Even the littlest one of the bunch (the one with the chubbiest cheeks I want to sink my teeth into!) looked as if he enjoyed the weather. We all did! Even Pax’s mom and niece who joined the crowd and made the day more fun! 

It was a wonderful day for them and for me too. I truly loved capturing this lovely family. I hope that you can feel the love they share through these series of snaps I took of them. And maybe get a whiff of that cool summer breeze!


Have a great weekend! 


12 Mar 2016

Love of Family

Ruben Onsu Family Portraits by Herna

The life of a celebrity - you’d think it’d be filled with glamour and glitz and totally more awesome than any of us could even dream of, right? I thought so too. Until I met Ruben and Wenda who showed me that they go through life just like anyone of us. They have dreams and they work hard to achieve it. They feel joy and sadness and love, just like we do.
A few weeks ago, I had the chance to welcome them into our studio for a family portraits sessions. Ruben and Wenda, along with their beautiful daughter Alia. Before she arrived, Ruben and Wenda only thought about themselves. They never considered anyone else. If there were a job offer, they’d take it, as long as they’re able to fulfil it. They very rarely turned anything down. But as soon as Alia arrived, their whole world changed. Life as they knew it, was no longer. And they had to include her in every decision they made. Ruben still goes out to work and accept jobs when he can, but Wenda has held back more as she put their daughter at the top of her list of priorities.
I thought that celebrities go through life a little different than we do. However, this family showed me that they experience life just like the other people next door - they work, they enjoy, and they put love for their family above all else.
It was an honor to have the Onsu family in my studio and to be there as they made their memories as a family of three.


29 Feb 2016

Always Mother, Forever Friend

The Xu Women Portraits by Fen

“A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.” - Washington Irving


I love the bond that the girls in the Xu family have. Not only are the daughters, Cecil and Isable, the best of friends, their mother is also a part of that friendship. The bond between this mother and her two daughters and sweet and pure, and I simply couldn’t stop from capturing the moments they share. Their relationship is so inspiring, it makes us question the popular belief that mothers and daughters will never see eye-to-eye. I’m sure that while at some point in time they might have experienced conflict, it’s how they resolve it that makes all the difference. Today, the Xu Girls hang out together, go for a weekend getaway together, take trips around the world together… they do most everything together. Now isn’t that a beautiful thing to witness? I most certainly think so. 




19 Feb 2016

Wonderful in Winter

Theo Portraits by Aveline

It was freezing that day of our scheduled photo session in Melbourne. The sky was grey and the wind seemed like it was on full power. For a moment, I hesitated to go on with the shoot because I was afraid that Theo wouldn’t have a very good time. However, after much consideration and discussion with his parents, we decided to go along with the plan. 

It took much less thoughts for Theo to be excited though, because upon seeing the park, he ran excitedly towards it. He picked up sticks and rolled on the grass without a care in the world. When his parents joined him, it was picture perfect and I had a wonderful time with this wonderful little family. 

Yes, Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable, but I guess that when we trust our gut feeling and bring a happy heart, things can almost predictably turn out great. 


Here’s a short food for thought from Theo’s mom. I appreciate that she took the time to share her heart on this blog:


“Parenthood is not always an easy ride but definitely a very fulfilling one, especially when the little ones give you kisses all over your face and say the three magic words "I LOVE YOU" 

A friend once sent us this grateful prayer list that made me realize how easy it is to overlook the blessings in your life:

1. Waking up early = children to love 

2. House to clean = safe place to live

3. Bucketful of laundry = clothes to wear 

4. Piles of dirty dishes = food to eat

5. Crumbs under the table = family meal 

6. Grocery shopping = $ to provide for us

7. Toilets to clean = indoor plumbing 

8. Lots of noise = people in our lives

9. Endless questions about everything = kids' brains growing 

10. Sore & tired in bed = i'm still alive! 

Indeed, every part of our lives have been transformed with the presence of our little ones but we thank God for the miracle of kids and for giving us the opportunity to walk this journey together as Daddy and Mummy.”


I hope you have a wonderful day.




14 Feb 2016

The Gift of Family

Jose & Hanna Carol’s Family Portraits by Ivan | Written by Hanna

“We can't choose the family into which we are born. We can't choose our fathers, our mothers or our siblings. But when we want to start our own family, we’ll have the chance to choose with whom we want to start the family with. We can only choose our spouses, but we can’t choose who our descendants will be.

There are people whom God has entrusted in our lives, for us to have and to hold; the people who are closest to us, whether we chose them or not, these are the people whom God has entrusted to us to honor and to love.

Family is God's gift that I value the most. My husband and children are the people who accept and love me as I am.

Mother Theresa once said that love begins in the family, love begins by the people closest to us at home. So, if we are talking about changing the world and making it a better place to live, we should start with the closest ones: our own family.”





23 Jan 2016

Love of Family

Helena’s Family Portraits by Vania

Just a few weeks before celebrating her seventeen birthday, Helena and her family had their family portraits taken in Bali and I had the chance to do that for them. Although I was slightly nervous at first, because it was the first session I had without any babies or toddlers, I felt much, much better after meeting the family. Everyone in Helena’s family were so friendly and kind that every jittery feeling I had instantly disappeared and I was left with a deep sense of calm and confidence. 

The few hours I spent with this wonderful family went by too quickly. Nevertheless, it was enough for me to get an impression that they are the perfect example of “the fruit never falls too far away from the tree.” I believe that every family has their own stories. During the short time I spent with them, in between their stories, I learned that the love of parents are their children’s greatest strength and unshakeable source of confidence. 

Helena’s friendly dad, who, by the way, is a natural in front of the camera, and her warm-hearted mother love Helena and her brother, John, so deeply. Their love for their children is bigger than their four hearts combined. Her father told me that while his daughter wanted a humble celebration for her seventeenth birthday, he insisted that she’ll only be turning seventeen once in her life and that it is as much a celebration for him and his wife as it is for her. No amount of money he has can ever be bigger than the love he has for his only daughter. Helena’s a very lucky girl, I thought. 

I am not a parent, but I am a daughter. And somehow, I believe that parents will always have their children at the top of their list of priorities in life. No matter how busy they will be and even despite the crazy things life will throw at them, their children will always be a great source of their joy. I truly believe that. Parents and their children have been chosen for each other by God to fit into each other’s lives perfectly. Respect your parents while you can and love them generously, because our parents will never think twice about loving us.

Thank you Helena, Oom, Tante and John, for letting me spend some time with you! I hope you like how these pictures turned out. 




17 Jan 2016

Cuteness Overload

Gading & Gisela Family Portraits by Ave

If you saw Gempita - or Gempi as she is more affectionately known - in pictures and think that she is cute, you should see her in person! She is a thousand times cuter in person than what she appears to be on Instagram. Two hours with this and she gave me a toothache because she was so sweet! Before I met this family, I had a shoot with Baby Ry’s family. His mom, Sharena, always said that if she could pick out a wife for Ry now, it would be Gempi. And after meeting Gempi in person, I could see why. I mean, I actually wished I had a son for her to marry because she is so darn cute and I wanna make her mine! 

Alright, so what’s the point to all this? Probably nothing… because I simply just want to gush about the cuteness overload I experienced during the photoshoot with Gempi and her beautiful parents. They even brought their toy poodle, Chocolate (because it was brown, how fitting!) and both, their daughter and their dog, were very cooperative during the shoot. Like I said, cuteness overload. It was almost too much too handle but at the same time too addictive to not do again. 

Thank you, Gading and Gisela, for trusting me to capture your moments together as a family. I absolutely loved the experience.




12 Dec 2015

A whole lot of love

Tan Family Portraits by Vania

I believe in family. I believe in its power to wrap us with warmth on a cold day, to cool us off on a scorching hot day, to encourage, to support, to be a place where we can find comfort, to be a safe haven whenever we need it, to be a space where we can be whoever we are and whatever we want to be. I believe that family makes a home. 

Like all relationships, family is never without any conflicts or challenges. Like all relationships that require openness, one needs to be transparent and brave enough to be vulnerable. In doing that we tear down the walls around our hearts and we allow ourselves to be hurt. But, in doing that also, we allow ourselves to grow, to prosper, and to find a home in each others’ hearts. 

Family is home, a place that no matter how rough it may be on the outside, it is always beautiful on the inside because we are certain that we are celebrated and encouraged to flourish there. That is what family means to me.

Everything I believe about family, every vision I have of it, took form at the sight of the Tan family. They are the perfect example of the family I have in mind. Although they may have their shares of fights and conflicts, in the end, they will always come back to each other. Their children are the pride of their parents and they are each others’ biggest supporters. 

It was a beautiful session with the Tan family. I was touched by the love they had for each other… genuine love - no disguises, no pretence, no meaningless words, just a whole lot of love. 





08 Nov 2015

Lovely Family

Suwandi family portraits by Ave


To be completely honest with you, it’s never easy to take pictures of two or more people, especially when the ones other than the two, are active little toddlers. But to me, that’s where the challenge and the beauty lies. 

Aside from loving newborn or baby photo shoots, I also love toddlers. Somehow that statement always makes moms smirk. They probably think that it’s because I don’t have any of my own yet, or because I don’t spend any more time than I have to with them that I develop some sort of attraction and attachment to these little beings. But I don’t see it that way. I really think that they are the cutest little angels. They are so innocent and pure, without a single negative bone in their bodies. They cannot make things up and everything the do comes from the heart. That’s why I am always caught by surprise and amazed at how they respond to things. Their response is always so unexpected and pleasant to see. And I love having toddlers on my set. 

Family portraits sessions are a different thing. It’s when the toddlers have to share the spotlight with their parents. Now, the beauty about these sessions are no longer in the response in the toddlers themselves, but in the relationship the family has with each other. I can almost always feel at ease when I can feel the parents showing understanding to their toddlers and seeing how their toddler respond to that understanding. That is truly beautiful to watch. 

Suwandi and Catherine really know their children well. How they handle their two toddlers, Faith and Elliot, when they were cranky spoke volumes about their parenting skills. Thanks to them, I learned a whole lot about parenting. Because of them, Faith and Elliot became cooperative and super adorable to shoot. I simply can’t forget how fun the photo shoot was. When I am normally nervous about shooting for family portraits with more than one child, this time I felt completely at ease. Not only that, Suwandi and Catherine put their complete trust in me to deliver great work for them. I think that is what boosted my confidence. But you know what? The credit here should not be given to the photographer, because with a family this lovely, all I did was click. 




11 Oct 2015

Rock 'n' Roll Love

Delon & Sharena Family Portraits by Ave

“Everyone has their own versions of happiness. This is ours.”

- Ryan Delon


I fell in love with this family right off the bat. Even before I had met them and I was just watching them on my Instagram feed (no stalker alert necessary!), I was already drawn to them. There’s something in the way Delon and Sharen look and talk to each other, something in their stories, some kind of unmistakable humbleness and undeniable chemistry, that just makes me feel all warm inside. And when their son, Ry, came into the picture, everything became even more perfect. 

Ry is the kind of boy who melts everyone’s hearts. I think he’s got the quality of the future soul-shaker. He’s got big eyes, a cool hairstyle and a cheeky smile, but that’s not what’s going to get the girls to line up… nuh-uh. That’s gotta be the sweet way he moves to his dad’s beats. That boy sure can dance! 

Taking some inspiration from how he moves and grooves to the beat of the drum, I threw the idea of a rock ’n’ roll theme for their family portrait session. Sharen loved it straight away. She told me that she was just about to dye her hair purple and that she’s planning Ry’s first birthday party at Hard Rock Cafe with the exact same theme and that it just feels like the universe lined everything up and that it was perfect! Now that’s exciting, wouldn’t you say? 

This rock ’n’ rolling family brought such a positive energy into our place. Rock ’n’ Roll suited them to a tee! They chose the perfect outfit and they had the perfect style… I don’t know a lot of people who can pull off the rock and roll get up, but this family… it was like their every day! 

It was truly a pleasure for me to have had the chance to spend some time with this family and to capture their moments. I think I enjoyed the day much more than they did. It really didn’t feel like work to me. In fact, it kind of felt like a real life lesson in parenting, because after getting to know them, I know exactly what I want my future family to be like. 


Thanks for spending the day with me. Rock on! 





31 Aug 2015
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