Nov 2018
Together With You Is My Favorite Place to Be
Pre-Wedding & Wedding of Christian & Lusiana by Aha

As the ages roll, it gets easier for our bodies to move from one place to another. Like our bodies, our minds are always on the move, constantly wandering to a place where all we think of is what’s next….

Sep 2018
It Is Always Worth It
The Wedding of Robert & Theresia by Aha

Staying in love takes commitment and hard work. It’s never easy but it is always worth it..

Aug 2018
The Subtle Art of Not Giving Up
The Wedding of Reza & Faustina by Will

Through our relationship, God reminded me of one thing: the subtle art of not giving up

Aug 2018
Say Yes to Vernandes lah
The Wedding of Riesky & Charina by Adi

If I were to describe our wedding in one single description, the right way to describe it is that it was full of emotions.