Little Wishes

Little wishes on great big stars.

Daughter, I make a wishes for you.

Keep on growing and keep on smiling.

And I'll keep loving all that you do.


Little dreamers wishing big things.

The world is your stage to display.

You can sing and you can dance.

Enjoy all that comes your way.


Little hopes in a great big world.

Nothing can stop your free spirit.

Make some noise, play a beat.

It's beautiful music when I hear it.


Little kisses from my now big girl,

You're growing up so fast it seems.

Pretty soon you'll leave the nest

And fly after all of your dreams.


Little girl I love you,

And I love you even more.

Because I made a wish once,

And you're what I wished for.



17 Jul 2016

The Moon and The Sun

Baby Moonella Portraits by Ave

Her name is Moonella Sunshine Jo. She is the moon to her father and the sun to her mother. And she is just as magical in person as the sound of her name. She lit up the entire house the moment she walked in. We fell instantly in love with her, probably just as the rest of the country have fallen for her. Yes, she is one of Indonesia’s social media baby darling. Her face have graced many timelines and have brought smiles across the faces of all her followers. She is just as cheerful as the name given to her by her parents. 

I don’t think that I will easily forget those big round eyes. In fact, whenever I hear name, my mind immediately drifts to those round eyes that make her as adorable as she is; those eyes make her look like a living doll. And what an incredibly adorable doll she is! She was all smiles and giggles since the very start of our session together. She’s got such a memorably pleasant personality that captivated the hearts of everyone on the set - myself included. She brightened everyone’s day and made it didn’t feel like work at all! We loved having her over so much that we would love to do it again! 

Moonella Sunshine Jo. Her name does say it all. She really is the sun and the moon; the one who brings warmth to the day and light to the dark, and it was such a pleasure to have met her. Thank you Mommy Merry and Daddy Joe for bringing this little ray of sunshine and moonlight into the world. 




26 Jun 2016

A daughter

Nicolette Portraits by Herna

Encircle your child with love, offer your hand to guide her

Shower her with tenderness, shelter away her fears.

May she look for sunshine when there seems to be clouds

May she take a step further to find the best in people and life.

May she show kindness and patience towards others

May confidence and poise propel her in life.

Teach her appreciation for small things in life

The abundance of nature close at her feet

Help her to learn the power of words spoken

The response to actions which might be awakened.

Shower her with your love and your pride

Protect her as needed, but let her fly free

Free to stand tall with absolute dignity.

As she grows and discovers, keep memories keen

For times in the future when she flies free.

Remember too as she grows to be a woman

She's a reflection of yourself

A reflection of the joy, kindness, and dignity

A reflection of a woman set free

To pass down her teachings from no other than you.


(Poem by Judith A. Drew)

19 Jun 2016

Bermainlah, Sayang

Jessica Iskandar & El Barack Alexander Portraits by Herna

Tak akan pernah aku bisa melupakan momen ketika pertama kali melihat wajah mungilmu, mendekapmu, mendengar suara tangismu. Seolah-olah aku tak pernah merasa sebahagia itu.

Aku seperti jatuh cinta, jatuh cinta sangat dalam sejak itu dan hingga kini. Aku rasa aku tidak akan pernah berhenti jatuh cinta kepadamu. Kau tumbuh menjadi anak yang sehat, tampan, dan cerdas.

Tingkahmu, tingkahmu yang lucu dan menggemaskan itu! Selalu membuatku rindu jika harus berjauhan denganmu.


Betapa beruntungnya aku memilikimu.

Betapa baiknya Tuhan kepadaku.

Betapa kau sangat sempurna.


Tak terasa telah berlalu dua tahun usiamu. Semakin kamu dewasa, semakin kamu mulai memahami perasaan aku, semakin aku mencintaimu. Aku semakin kuat menjalani setiap tantangan hidup. Aku semakin berani menghadapi kenyataan.

Anakku sayang... setiap kali aku memandangi wajahmu, tak pernah bisa kubayangkan hidup tanpamu. Kamu membawa perubahan berarti bagi hidupku. Karenamu aku tahu makna syukur yang harus aku resapi setiap waktu Kehadiranmu telah memberiku banyak pelajaran, termasuk belajar untuk mencintai tanpa syarat.

Terima kasih anakku. Jangan pernah ragu akan cintaku. Jangan pernah ragu akan dukunganku. Untuk setiap langkah kecilmu, terselip doa terbaik yang selalu kupanjatkan. Karena di balik senyummu ada kebahagiaanku di sana.


Bermainlah, putraku sayang. Berpetualanglah di duniamu.


Aku akan selalu bersama di setiap degup jantungmu.


Cintaku untukmu, selalu menyertaimu.

18 Jun 2016

Dear Baby

My Dear Baby,


I love you from the very start. You stole my breath, embraced my heart.

Our life together has just begun. You're part of me, my little one. 

As mother with child, each day I grew, my mind was filled with thoughts or you.

I'd daydream of the things we'd share. Like late-night bottles and teddy bears.

Like first steps and skinned knees. Like bedtime stories and ABCs.

I thought of things you'd want to know. like how birds fly and flowers grow.

I thought of lessons I'd need to share, like standing tall and playing fair. 

When I first saw your precious face, I prayed your life be touched with grace. 

I thanked the angels from above and promised you unending love. 

Each night I lay you down to sleep, I gently kiss your head and cheek. 

I count your little fingers and toes, I memorize your eyes and nose.

I linger at your nursery door and each day I love you more. 

Through misty eyes, I dim the light. I whisper "I love you" every night. 

I loved you from the very start. You stole my breath, embraced my heart.


As mother and child, our journey's begun. My heart's your forever, my little one. 

11 Jun 2016

Blessings Upon You

Kirana Maternity Portraits by Vania

Blessings upon you, my baby unborn.

Safely inside me, asleep and so warm.

Sleep must come easy to those who are unborn, as the Maker so silently fashions your form.

Sleep while you can now, so watery and warm, for outside this world is a crashing storm.

Soon you will discover the taste of your tears, so sleep now my loved one, my baby, my dear.

11 Jun 2016

To My Son

Toby Portraits by Vania

Oh, how the years go by,

Oh, how time can certainly fly.

From once just a thought in far away dreams,

now into my arms and in my eyes gleam

the presence of you.

Your laughter and smiles,

which go on for miles,

warm my heart and soul.

You're growing up so fast,

as I wish each moment with you to forever last. 

My little boy will someday be a man,

and right by your side I will forever stand.

I will pick up the pieces when you fall.

I will hold your hand and help you stand tall.

And when the day comes when you are on your own,

never feel that you are alone.

No matter how near or far apart,

I am always right there in your heart.

Always remember whatever you go through

that no matter what, I will always love you.


(poem borrowed from

04 Jun 2016

Ready for you

Michelle’s Maternity Portraits by Herna

Every time people learns of my pregnancy, they ask me if I’m ready to be a mom. I guess I ask myself the same question every single day. Am I really ready to be a Mom? Can I actually be one? Well, actually it’s about 30 weeks too late to think about that. Ready or not, I am going to be a mom very, very soon. 


When I decided to get married last year, never in my wildest dream would I have thought of becoming a mother in the following year. It’s been one heck of a ride. My husband and I are passing through the seasons like a roller coaster on jet power. It’s crazy sometimes, but we’ve learned to sail through it and have a little bit of fun while we’re at it. With every kick and every tickle inside my belly, I grow excited for this baby. And I know that even though she was not planned, my baby is never unwanted, by the both of us. It’s funny to think how someone so tiny who we’ve never met could steal our hearts like nothing else. We are so much in love with her! 


It’s a bit scary to think of how things will change drastically after the baby arrives. I know that my husband and I will have to make a ton of adjustments to the ton of adjustments we’re already making now (wait, does that even make sense?) But he and I have made a promise to each other: that we will always keep in mind to never think of the baby as burden because we believe that she God’s greatest gift for our family. She is the fruit of our love and we will celebrate her. 


To tell you the truth, I don’t know how I’m going to parent or what kind of mom I will be. I guess that I never really gave it too much though. I’m pretty much relying on my motherhood instincts to kick in as soon as she arrives and hope for the best that everything will turn out fine. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but I’m kind of praying that it will be. Please pray for me! :)





29 May 2016


Irene's pregnancy by Vania

I once believed the most cherished day of my life was the day your Daddy and I say “I do”. Now, I find my heart filled anew with more joy, more hope, a little bit of fear and lots of anticipation.

Anxiously awaiting the moment when I look into your sweet face, touch your tiny pink nose, heart your tender cries, cradle you in my arms, and feel your tiny fingers wrap around mine. Anxiously waiting the moment when I finally get to meet you.


Love, Your Mama


21 May 2016

Happiness Recipe

Leia & Lauren Baby Portraits by Ave

How many here ever feel like Instagram is the craziest, yet possibly the most wonderful app ever invented? I do. Not only does it provide a place for me to visually store my memories - kind of like an online diary - it also never ceases to amaze me how the weird wide web can actually connect people and create a community, across borders, regardless of the general demographics. Within these tiny squares, I found inspiring people and even made some new friends. 

I stumbled across Leia and Lauren’s IG profile (managed by their mom, Amber) last year before they all of a sudden become an Instagram superstar. Not only are they the most adorable little babies with cheeks so chubby you want to take a bite of it (not in a scary way, of course), their Mom, Amber has a ton of creative ideas to take pictures of them. I always think that moms who put their creative hats on and think with their emotional hearts make the best pictures and I saw all that in Amber. I was so inspired that I couldn’t wait to approach her to ask if I could take a picture of her twins. 

It was an honor to finally meet them in person. Amber and her husband were really nice people who made a beautiful family. Leia and Lauren were just as cute in real life (possibly even cuter, but their cheeks are chubbier in real life, I promise you!) And they laugh so easily… I mean, oh my goodness, their baby giggles are like twinkling bells, it was the most endearing and heartwarming sounds I’ve ever heard, which made me love them even more!  

We chose a chef theme for the shoot, because I imagined that they would look super cute in aprons and chef hats (okay, I know I am probably overusing the word “cute” here, but can you really think of another adjective to better describe these two?) Leia and Lauren seems to love food. Sure, now they’re just drinking milk, but I imagine them “makan-makan” and gobbling up their food in a way that makes all food looks delicious and immediately stirs up an appetite! The session ended with them falling fast asleep. The superstars were super tired, obviously! 

As I look through these pictures again, I couldn’t help the huge grin that broke across my face. I was grateful for Instagram and the wonderful people it has connected me with. Although the meeting with Amber and her twins were too short, I love that we still keep in touch. And these pictures make me so happy, you guys! I hope they make you happy too!


Have a great Saturday!

14 May 2016
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