Engelica Maternity Portraits by Herna

I’ve always dreamed to raise kids someday, when the time is right. Honestly, if you ask me if I’m ready right now, I’m not. I’m not sure if I can handle the responsibilities of being a mother. Although I see pregnancy to as a wonderful miracle, I can’t help to feel a little scared. What if things go wrong?


Engelica’s journey to be a new mother is not 100% smooth. However, she handles it really well. She said, “Pregnancy is definitely a blessing. I always feel super excited to go to the doctor to see how the baby is developing. I’m always curious about how she looks, how much she weights. I just can’t wait to meet my little princess.”


Hearing her talking, I smiled. Engelica’s definitely ready. I’m not. God knows if we’re ready to be given bigger responsibilities, bigger gifts. I believe the most precious gift He can give us is a child. Since He knows our capacity really well, He’ll give us the gift only when we’re ready. Someday, on His time, I’ll be ready. 


Seeing how ready, how excited Engelica is on her less than perfect road to motherhood, I have a great feeling: she’s going to be a great mother. 





Photo is courtesy of Engelica.

20 May 2017

His Trip to Outer Space

Luke Owen Baby Portraits by Herna

Outer space is a tricky theme. Out of nothing, I had to think about a lot of details to make the final frame looks outer spacey. Plus, the Owen’s outfit material was uncomfortably hot. I remember, on the day of the photoshoot, I got up thinking, “this is going to be a challenging day!” However, later that day, when I saw Owen jumped behind my lens, I know the shot is going to be great.


Owen’s such a wonderful boy! He’s very smart and imaginative. To get his poses, Owen and I played pretend that we’re in an outer space. The look in his eyes was so curious and happy, as if he’s really imagining that he’s exploring outer space and discovering a lot of new things. I almost always get the perfect shot at the first “cheese.”


We had a lot of fun during the photoshoot. Seeing Owen’s huge smile, I can see that he’s enjoying the photoshoot so much! Since I clicked with Owen, the photoshoot went 100% smooth, faster than I ever imagined. 


I learned one important thing that day: as long as I connect well with my clients, I can nail every shot, even on the trickiest theme like this. After all, the photoshoot is all about the client. The theme is an artsy extension of the client’s personality and dream. 






Photo is courtesy of dad Andy, mom Fransisca, and baby Owen.

20 May 2017

The Greatest Honor

Mommy Putri & Bianca Portraits by Ave

I’ve always known that I’d be a mother. Even when I was just a little girl who knew nothing about growing up, I always knew that I’d be a mother. Even when there were times I didn’t know if I wanted to be one or if I’d be any good at it, I knew that one day, I would be a mother. However, never in my wildest dreams had I thought that being a mother would feel this good. 


People often think that being a mother is about us, about gaining new roles, about fulfilling a dream. But after becoming a mother myself, I realize that it isn’t about me at all; it’s about my daughter. 


To watch my daughter, Bianca, grow is an exhilarating experience beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed about. Everything she says and do always keeps me anticipating for what comes next and I love every surprises she throws my way. Even the unfavorable ones, much to my surprise. To see her learn new things, develop new skills, and interact with her surroundings never fails to put a smile on my face regardless of the ups and downs I’m facing in life. 


Being a mother isn’t just about giving unconditional love, but it’s also about getting tremendous love in return. It isn’t just about forever walking with my heart outside of my body, but it’s also about being watched over like the way I watch over my baby girl. It isn’t just about teaching life values, but it’s also about learning to see things in simplicity from the perspective of innocence. Before becoming a mother, I always thought that I’d be gaining a new role, but I never knew just how much that new role would mean. It is greater than myself. It’s not about me, but it’s all about her, about putting her first, above anything else in my life. It’s about selflessness. 


Yes, being a mother is an experience wilder than anything I’ve ever dreamed about. And it is the greatest honor and privilege I have ever been given in my life.

Love, Putri
14 May 2017

Taking Newborn’s First Picture

Babies Newborn Portraits by William Xu

Hi! I’m William Xu. It’s my first time writing for this blog! I take baby pictures, specializing in newborns. Since my first photoshoot, I’ve been learning a lot of things. There’s so much I want to share with you! For me, taking pictures of newborns is a special thing. My priority is making the baby comfortable. Since every baby has to be taken care differently, we have to pay attention to a lot of things.


The first thing I do when as I enter the photoshoot place is looking for the spot with the best natural lightning. I minimize the use of artificial lightning, because newborns’ eyes are very sensitive. I don’t want to surprise the baby with strong blitz. 


The next thing is a little tricky. I make sure the temperature is right for the baby as every baby adjusts to temperature differently. One baby would be scared of warmth. Another would be scared of cool temperature. While doing the photoshoot, I observe the baby’s reactions and, once in awhile, check the baby’s hand and feet temperature just to make sure they’re not cold.


Then, to avoid any allergy, I make sure everything, including myself, is hygiene. Face mask and hand sanitizer are necessary. Every photo property, like fabrics and blankets, has to be dry cleaned after the photoshoot. 


Last but not least, the baby shall be comfortably full during the photoshoot. We may feed him before the photoshoot. I like to remind mothers to provide a little breastmilk stock for the baby to drink a few times during the photoshoot.


I hold on to those points tightly to make a safe, wonderful experience for the newborn. I am proud to capture the newborn’s first moment in life and make it last forever. When the newborn grow up, which is going to be very soon, we would look back, showing him what he looked like when he just got out from mommy’s tummy. Just like that, the memories would linger eternally. 


With love,

William Xu

06 May 2017

From Dating to Marriage to Parenthood

Putri Titian Maternity Portraits by Vania

There’s a certain privilege of being a photographer for BabyAXIOO that often escapes other people, that no other people usually think about, but ourselves, and that is the privilege of growing together with our clients. Alright, alright… maybe I’m being just a little bit overly dramatic here, but that’s honestly how I feel, because as a photographer, I get to freeze the important milestones in time towards their growth. From the waiting period to the birth of their child to the time they’ve settled in together as a family… I get to witness it all. And that’s a privilege I never take for granted. 


I met Jun and Tian for the very first time when they were expecting their baby. And we hit it off right of the bat. This celebrity couple destroyed any assumption I had that all people who were usually under the spotlight were cocky and bossy; like they wouldn’t have mingled with the likes of me. But this loving couple were kind and sincere, and from the very start, I felt comfortable around them. 


Jun and Tian found out they were pregnant not long after they were married. I guess that, in a way, that’s a wonderful thing. Although their days following their wedding felt slightly like a rollercoaster ride - moving from dating to marriage to parenthood in lightning speed - they went through it with their hands firmly gripping on each others’ as their laughter drowned out the uncertainties of the situation. They were more excited about being parents than they were nervous. They went through the changes in Tian’s body to picking out baby stuff to learning about being great parents, together. And I enjoyed listening to the stories their shared as I clicked away on my camera and watching their beautiful chemistry from behind my lens. 


The day Baby Lori arrived earthside, I couldn’t hide my excitement for the happy parents. I remember anxiously waiting till the day I would have this little family in my studio. Finally, when Baby Iori was two weeks old, I got to spend a few minutes to just gaze at his beautiful face, before watching how their chemistry never changed and how Baby Lori made them look even more complete. 


To watch couples like Jun and Tian move from being two people madly in love with each other to one family that have settled in beautifully with the new addition, is like watching a miracle. And that experience alone is the privilege I never take for granted. 


Thank you for sharing your precious moments with me.


Love you,


30 Apr 2017

Little Moments, Big Memories

Kathleen Baby Portraits by Ave

“Thank you mommy for helping Bibi take a bath,” Kathleen (Bibi) flashed her cute little smile, hugged, and kissed her mommy, Sarah. No words can describe how cute she is! She wrapped and tugged mommy’s hands with her small fingers, which were a little wrinkly from playing with bath water. Mom Sarah wondered where would Kathleen take her; reading books, staring at the fishies, asking mom to cook together, building legos, squeezing playdoh, drawing, or other things? She grows up so smart and so fast! We’ll never know what Kathleen does next. “We can’t turn back time,” shared Sarah, “As her development phase changes, her hobbies, her favorite things, her look, and the way she talks change too. It would never be the same anymore. In the future, I will miss every moment of it.” That’s why Sarah took Kathleen to play in this photoshoot session. As soon as Kathleen came inside the studio, her adorable eyes saw a huge Snoopy (or “upi” as Kathleen called it), which we prepared for her because she loves Snoopy so much. She was super excited! She couldn’t stop talking and asking questions in her own cute, friendly way. She’s so smart. No wonder she grows up so fast! Mom Sarah said,  “I’m amazed! You both (the photographer and the stylist) made Kathleen have so much fun that she forgot her nap time.” Aawww. Hearing this really made my day. At the end of the photoshoot, Sarah inspired me to cherish every moment with my family. Everything will change. Even as I write this, everything changes. The change is so subtle that we don’t feel anything. But, when we look back from a year ahead, we would really feel the change. Love, Ave Photo courtesy of mom Sarah and baby Kathleen

23 Apr 2017

She Grows Up So Fast

Gwen Baby Portraits by Herna

“Every moment with my baby is my favorite. She never fails to make me smile and laugh,” said mom Louise. She spends all her time with her baby Gwen; she plays with her, she eats with her, she sleeps with her. 


“With Gwen, time flies faster. She grows up so fast. I can’t believe it. One day she’s only my baby. Another day, she’s already a pretty girl, walking around the house.” Currently, Gwen can’t sit still, she’s eager to walk. Soon, she’s start running and blowing her first birthday candle! 


That’s why Louise was excited to arrange baby Gwen’s this photoshoot session. She never want to miss every step of her baby’s growth. She desires to treasure every bit of it. In the future, she wants to look back at the pictures with Gwen. She told us that she wanted future Gwen to see what she looked like when she was a little baby.


Treasuring memories is always one of the most exciting thing in life, especially when it comes to your baby’s memories. I am so happy to be a part in capturing Gwen’s baby pictures. She’s so cute! 


Happy first birthday, Gwen sweetie! May you grow up smarter, prettier, and closer with mommy. 



With love,



Courtesy of mom Louise

Props by Dream Flavours

21 Apr 2017

Raising Independent Kids

Eri & Emi Baby Portraits by Herna

Every mother hopes to spend a lot of time with her children, so mom can bond and teach them her values. However, life in Jakarta demands mothers to depend on nannies. In my recent Japanese photoshoot, I see something different with the way Grace raises her children, Eri and Emi. I have met a lot of children, but hers are more independent while still having a tight bond with mom and dad. 


Grace told me a couple stories. If you live in Japan, you have to do everything by yourself. For instance: kids are taught to eat by themselves. Then, they are told to put everything by its order. They are reminded: these behaviors will help to keep the peace, not disturbing other people. That’s why when we go to Japan, we rarely see children running, screaming, or making messes. We see calm children everywhere. 


Also, being physically close is important. Moms take her baby everywhere. No matter where the mother goes, whether it’s the supermarket blocks away or the kitchen at the house’s next room, the baby comes with her. Moreover, in most households, the family sleeps together, the child between mom and dad, until shortly after preschool.   


Interesting. Raising kids the Japanese way takes more effort. However, it would be priceless to watch the kids grow independent and close to us. Being independent, the children would have a big sense of responsibility, and, when they’re a bit older, they’ll be able to make their own decision.  



With love,




Photo courtesy of dad Takayuki & mom Grace 

16 Apr 2017

A moment with a mom and her son

Widya Maternity Portraits by Vania
Photo sessions could be a pressure for some as they have to be in a new environment and interact with strangers. That's why I strive to make everyone feel at home so they can enjoy every little moment. It’s hard work. But, at the end of the day, when the client leaves with a smile, my heart inflates with joy. Anyway, this particular photo shoot was lovely. Widya the beautiful mother was expecting her another child soon. Between getting her shots taken and keeping up with active son Ethan, Widya smiles purely and her gestures were relaxed. A couple times, she mentions the little sibling to Ethan. It feels like Widya is teaching Ethan to welcome a new addition to the family. Ethan's such a cute kid. When I took his pictures, he walked towards me, flashing me his adorable smile. At the end of the session, this boy could not leave the studio. He was crying. Aaawwww. I’ve never met this kind of boy before. He made my day. Seeing Widya interact with Ethan and hearing her precious motherhood stories teach me a lot of lessons which prepare me to be a great mother. I am grateful for the chance to meet them and capture their lovely moments. With love, Vania P.S. It’s a girl! Congratulations Rinaldy, Widya, and Ethan. May baby Eve grow strong, smart, and beautiful. Photo courtesy of mom Widya, dad Rinaldy, and son Ethan.
09 Apr 2017

Her First Step

Adriella Baby Portraits by Vania
Surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms, baby Riri reached a chair with her tiny hands. Trying to get her attention back to my camera, we wove little things she might be interested in. Suddenly, Riri leaned a little. Then, she took her first stand. The parents and I were flushed with joy. Smiling from ear to ear, we could not stop talking about Riri’s growth milestone for quite a moment. Whether it’s the first smile, the first laugh, or the first words, witnessing your child’s firsts is always exciting. After all, the first year is a critical year. It’s when the baby develops bonds with the parents and others. The way the parents cuddle, play, and talk with the baby sets the standard on how the baby interacts with others.   So, I learned that mom and dad should shower the baby with love for as long as they can. Play with the baby. Sing to the baby. Answer to the baby’s every word. Beyond all that, mom and dad should not forget to take care of themselves too, so positivity still radiates from the parents. With love, Vania  P.S. Happy first birthday, little Riri! Give mommy and daddy lots of kisses. Photo courtesy of dad Albert and mom Anggrainy.
08 Apr 2017
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