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William Xu
Surrounded by arts that spark his imagination and inspire his heart, William loves to create, style, and shoot his masterpieces.
Sep 2018
Pregnancy Stories of Catherine Sumitri
Maternity Portraits of Catherine Sumintri by William Xu

“I’m having my very first baby! I’m into 36 weeks and my baby boy is about to arrive very soon.” said Catherine excitedly.

Aug 2018
The First 24 Hours with You
Newborn Photoshoot of Baby Ethan by William Xu

They say that all a newborn ever does is eat, poop, cry and sleep. While it does sound simple and really boring, you’ll soon find that it isn’t.

Jun 2018
3 Tips For Traveling With A Baby
New Portraits of Baby Bianca by William Xu

Everyone who’s ever gone on a holiday with their babies come home with aching backs and feet but with hearts oh-so-full.

Jun 2018
The Good Life
Newborn Photoshoot of Baby Raline by William Xu

“Watching her grow up, she gives me the kind of good life I have always imagined!”