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Donny Wu
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Mar 2013
The Wedding of Jeffrey & Yohana
Cinematic Trailer by Dimar by Donny Wu

I believe that every wedding is unique. It can never be the same from one to another. Each always has its…

Mar 2013
The Wedding of Timothy & Eveline
Wedding Trailer Directed by Jimmy Indra by Donny Wu

I’d like to think that wedding videos serve as more than just a mean to remember a day love was…

Feb 2013
The Wedding of Enry & Angelica
Cinematic Trailer by Yosep Sugiarto by Donny Wu

Time flies. Daily rushes take control over our lives and leave us wondering where the days have gone. Busy schedules….

Feb 2013
The Wedding of Felix & Irene
Cinematic Trailer by Garry Valentino by Donny Wu

The people that I shoot for my trailers are not actors. How their day went were not scripted. Every kiss…