Does getting married bring you happiness?
Wedding Journal by AXIOO
Aug 2018

Happiness comes from within. The pursuit of happiness is real. Everyone wants to be happy. We try to search for it, and we dedicate our lives to find it. We try to find happiness in our jobs, in our achievements, in praises from other people, in world-wide recognition… we even try to find it in our partners and some even in marriage, only to find that we are exhausted by the chase.


Here’s the thing though, happiness is not something you look for. It’s not something you chase. Happiness is already within us. It is a decision, to be made at present time. It’s not a virtue that we must find anywhere else outside of ourselves – not in our partners, not in our surroundings or mere activities. And it’s definitely not a cure for loneliness.


Yes, marriage brings so much happiness. But there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. We can be alone and still be happy and content being single. The same way we can have a romantic partner and still be miserable together. People often assume that just because we have someone in our lives, we can instantly be happy. But the fact is that when we expect our boyfriends to be the source of our happiness, we’re really setting them up to fail. Because true happiness can and should only come from us – not from anyone else. No man could or should bring us happiness when we cannot provide it for ourselves.


To marry someone in the pursuit of happiness is a recipe for disaster. Happiness can only come from us and only us alone; it is not our husbands’ or our boyfriends’ job to make us happy, and to place this responsibility on them would only bring us disappointments.


Happiness starts from within us. It starts with our spiritual and mental contentment. When we decide that we’re happy, we can still be happy, even when things don’t go our way. So, if we may offer a word of advice to anyone who is in search of happiness by being happy, take some time for yourself and discover happiness on your own for happiness depends entirely on you.


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