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May 2018

Do you sometimes think it’s a bit creepy that there’s a thing growing inside of you? 

“At the first few months, yes! It felt so surreal and I was worried that I wasn’t ready to be a mom. But on the second trimester when I can start to feel her move and kick, I felt super happy, and all of a sudden, all my worries and fears were gone. In fact, I kept telling my husband how happy I was for carrying our baby around in my belly everyday. Whether it’s the office, to go shopping, the movies, etc.”

What’s the best thing about being a mom-to-be?


“I can carry my baby around inside me anywhere, anytime. Like a kangaroo!”


How do you love the baby, and how is it different than other kinds of love?


“One thing for sure, during this pregnancy, I felt whole. My life felt complete and I have never felt this happy, or this much joy before in my life. She gave me strength to pass through all the pregnancy sickness, all of my worries, and my problems at work too.”


Can you be okay with the idea of things not going according to your plans?


“The day we knew that I got pregnant, my husband and I committed and were aware that things might not go according to our plans and we should always be prepared for it. We promised each other that we should not expect anything from the baby and will love her unconditionally, no matter what. We also try to be chill and not overplan anything other than to provide the best nutrients, and healthy eating plans for the baby so that we won’t be upset about things being unpredictable.”


Is there anything you wanna say to the baby?


“We have several options but have not decided on a specific one for you, but we love you so much for sure, even if we haven’t seen you. And, we can’t wait to meet you!”



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