Memories, In The Palm of Your Hands
Journal by Fen Soong
May 2018

Have you ever opened a beautifully designed coffee table book and felt your heart beat faster with excitement? To touch a paper, to gaze upon the pictures, and to dream of the stories behind it is truly an exhilarating feeling to me. Call me old and sentimental, but even in these digital times, printed books still have my heart.


At AXIOO, we strongly believe that precious moments shouldn’t be left for that moment alone. It should be cherished, thought about, and seen everyday, for in these moments, there are stories; and within these stories, there is life. A photo album is like touching a tangible memory with the tips of your finger. And to me, personally, there is no better way to pass time than to go through an album filled with beautifully captured pictures of an important celebration in a person’s life.


It’s this belief that encourages us to explore new ideas and to break the barriers of creativity every day. We dedicate our time to come up with exciting new ideas, experiment with new materials, explore new design to create the perfect photo book and albums for our clients. Just as personal a memory is to a person, so should the album be just as personal. We customize each album, we add in personalized mementos inside, and we do everything we can to make sure that the moment you open up the book, you will feel just as excited or exhilarated as you did in the moments kept alive in the pictures.

Here are a few of the wonderful, beautifully designed books that we have made.




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