Photography : Tying The Knot
Does type matter?
The Wedding of Tjahyawan & Melissa by AXIOO
Apr 2018

“Truth be told, we weren’t each other’s types. But long story short, somehow, we got closer. In the first year we’re together, we couldn’t be happier, but we were separated between two continents. The time difference made us hard to communicate. Whenever Tjah arrived home from work and wanted to call me, I was already somewhere in my bedtime dreams. We really missed each other.”

“Things got better when I went back to Indonesia for good. At least we’re in the same country, only different cities. This time around, we had no time difference and we got to meet each other once a month or once in two busy months. For me, it’s not easy to have an online-based relationship most of the time.”

“Despite the challenging moments, I like that he takes care of me responsibly that whenever I’m with him, online or not, I feel secure and comfortable. Even in my darkest moments, he understands me and supports me to make my dreams come true.”


Makeup: Donny Liem |

Dress: Hian Tjen |

Hair Accessories: Rinaldy Yunardi |

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