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Here’s to the strong women: The Single Mothers!
Baby Zion Portraiture by AXIOO
Mar 2018

A woman’s goal is to get married. Her dream is to build a home and raise her children together in a loving home with a loving husband. That’s the dream. That’s the end goal. Anything other than that would be “embarrassing”. Or so we’ve been taught to believe.


It pains us to know that even in modern society such as today, this is a belief that many women hold. It is the reason women stay in harmful relationships with irresponsible men. “It’s for the children,” she’d say, believing that she’s strong enough to hold the family together, without realizing that she’s actually inflicting a bigger pain on herself. We hope that these women will find peace, no matter what situation she finds herself in, because we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors anyway. We pray that they will never forget that they, too, have the right to a happy and healthy marriage.


We believe that if women choose to be married, they should find themselves treated as equals with the greatest respect from their partners. If they find that they are getting less than what they deserve, even when they are already with children, and they decided to leave the marriage, they should not be judged by their choices to live life the way that feels right for them.


We admire the women who made a conscious decision to rise above their circumstances and raise their children entirely on their own. We respect them for standing tall even when life threw a giant curve ball straight at them. We salute them for proving to society that a woman doesn’t need a man to raise good children; she just needs the right motivation. And that motivation is, and always will be, her children.


Single mothers cannot change the way society perceives them. They cannot control how people behave around them or what people say of their statuses as “single mothers”. They simply can’t. They only want to raise their children the best way they know how, to love them fiercely, to provide a home for them that is filled with love and compassion, to protect them from people who might harm them or lead them to believe that they are any less than their peers who are growing up in the perfect family.

They don’t need any more pressure from us. They don’t need to be questioned or ridiculed. They, just like every one of us, need to be understood, accepted, and loved.


Dear single mothers,


The world needs more good children and you’re doing your part by raising your children right. Thank you for staying strong through the storm, for celebrating the tiny victories that is entirely yours, for never giving up despite every overwhelming anxiety or emotional challenge. You are an inspiration. Any woman can be a mother. But it takes a really strong woman to be a mom and a dad too. And we respect you.




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