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Love on the road
The Pre-Wedding of Htet & Hmue by Dre
Feb 2018

When my brother invited me to go to on a road trip with him and his friends, I expected to have a vacation. Instead, I got the adventure of a lifetime.

It all started when I noticed a boy with gorgeous eyes. I wondered why he’s friendly with my brother. It turned out that he’s my brother’s childhood friend and he’s a part of our travel group.

They all say you’ll never know someone until you travel with them. That’s true. Along the road, we learned a lot more than our names (his name is Htet). When I found out how mature he is, I couldn’t help but secretly fall in love with him.

Fortunately, lucky for me, he made the first move. Hahahaha.

You can guess the rest of the story.

Since then, we’re together! He promised to take me to every Disneyland while we travel around the world. So far, we’ve been to over 10 countries and unfortunately, due to one thing and another, we missed going to 2 Disneylands. But, that’s okay. Some of our best memories are from our travels. I wouldn’t replace them for the world.

When it’s time for us to take our pre-wedding pictures, naturally, we take it while we’re traveling.

Dre wasn’t only our pre-wedding photographer. He’s also our tour guide (and sometimes, driver). Hahahaha. He showed us around the iconic places (he said we couldn’t miss Eiffel Tower and Swiss Alps) and took us to eat in the nicest restaurants.

Dre seemed to be enjoying his time with us. Moreover, he’s so patient with us (and our family who tagged along).

So far, we’re always having the time of our lives. We couldn’t wait for more adventures to come.



Location: France & Switzerland

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